Izu Mito Sea Paradise Cross Campaign

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale. Today, we will be taking a look the latest campaign in School Idol Festival, the Izu Mito Sea Paradise Cross Promotion. With up to seven days worth of special login bonuses, the new campaign is especially promising for offering an SSR Aqours member of your choice. 

In order to unlock the SSR Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium member, players will have to login for four days within the campaign period. On the fourth day, you will be able to unlock the Izu Mito Sea Exchange Ticket which will be your key to unlocking the SSR of your choice. Players do not have to make the choice on which member they want immediately and it is much more important to collect the ticket first rather than deciding on a member selection. 

The campaign will run for an entire week and players only need to log in for four days during the Cross Promotion in order to obtain the SSR ticket. If you do not receive the ticket, make sure to restart the app as it will be rewarded to you during login. 

Once you have collected the Izu Mito Sea Exchange Ticket, you will be able to find it within your Presents Box. Look for it under the "Items" tab and you should find the special blue ticket within. 

Upon collecting the ticket from the present box, players will be prompted to select the member whom they wish to exchange the ticket for. Being part of the Koi Ni Naritai AQUARIUM set, players will be able to select from all nine member of Aqours. 

There are nine members in total with three from each respective attribute, Cool, Smile and Pure. The Cool members consist of Dia, Yoshiko and Riko. Smile members consist of Hanamaru, Chika and Mari. While Pure members are Ruby, You and Kanan. One from each year representing each attribute too. 

Chika sports a useful stamina recovery skill which can come in handy during tougher EX and Master songs. 

Her idolized form equips her with the song's outfit and a plush crustacean. 

Riko, on the other hand, sports a very impressive Perfect Lock skill. A high chance (45%) and long window (3 seconds), make her an ideal member for Full Combo goal teams. 

In her idolized form, she is coupled with what appears to be a plush otter.

Kanan represents the third year with a Perfect Lock skill. The skill may not trigger often but, is compensated with a long duration (4 seconds). 

In her idolized form, the overjoyed Kanan is matched with a plush dolphin. 

Dia comes to your aid with a healing skill that is sure to keep you alive and running in the tougher songs. 

In her idolized form, Dia is coupled with a rather helpless penguin.

You represents the second year with a Score Boost skill. The skill has a rather low trigger chance but, can occur frequently (23 notes) with a fairly high score boost (475 points). 

When idolized, You gets coupled together with the mascot, Uchichi. I have no doubt that this will be a very popular selection among fans. 

The fallen angel, Yoshiko Yohane, comes with a very high point Score Boost skill. It may only trigger every 29 notes but, more than makes up for it with a 490 point boost. 

There is no better plush to match with Yohane other than a plush shark and she gets just that. 

Moving to another first year, Hanamaru represents the first year with a Perfect Lock skill. This skill is set up for rapid fire allowing teams to initiate a string of timing windows quickly as it triggers very quickly (22 notes) and at a high chance (48%) but, only for a short duration of time. 

Most people may be reluctant but, Hanamaru is more than happy with her amphibious plush friend. 

The ever shiny Mari brings the Score Boost skill for the third years with another high point score boost. It may take a little bit of time to trigger but, nets a high point every time it does. 

Mari is coupled with a fluffy seal that looks to be one of the smaller plush companions among the nine. 

Lastly we have Ruby sporting a healing skill that brings a great deal of aid to ailing Pure Teams. Her skill is able to recover 4 Stamina which does provide a healthy dose of durability during Lives.
Perhaps the most unique companion of them all, Ruby is partnered together with a coelacanth of all things. 

Once you have decided on the member that you want, simply confirm the selection once more on the confirmation screen. 

Said member will then be added into your Present Box where there is no expiration period allowing you to collect them at your nearest convenience. 

Keep in mind that it is only a single copy of the card and to idolize them, you will need to spend 100 N tickets. Unless you really require the idolized version, I would recommend holding off and waiting for them to be made available in the Sticker Shop. Patience is a virtue and you are better of spending that currency on tickets instead. 

With that, we come to the end of this look at the SIF's latest campaign. It certainly is no slouch offering up a very worthwhile member that I am sure many players are interested in. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments section below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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