Nozomi's Birthday Scout

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for some School Idol Festival content. June the 9th is Nozomi's birthday and ever since KLab introduced the Birthday Step-Up Scouting, this has been one date that I have been looking forward to every year. For one, it is the one time in a year where all Nozomi fans are able to collectively revel in her presence. 

And the other, is the golden opportunity to earn more Nozomi cards via this Limited Scouting option. For all that hard earned and saved Love Gems, the Step-Up Scouting and Solo Member Scouts are one of the absolute best ways of scouting for a single member. Especially so with the Step-Up Scouting where the Love Gem cost is significantly reduced (120 LG vs 150 LG) and an SSR Nozomi is guaranteed upon the third step.

Knowing how lucrative this particular Limited Scouting option is, players are limited to scouting to a maximum of three times. Besides that, the window of availability is limited to three days which include a day before and after the particular member's birthday. Waiting till the very last day, I gathered our other writers, Takuya and Lance, hopping that their luck at scouting will be much better than mine.

Takuya made the pull for the first step and I was incredibly satisfied with the results of this initial 30 Love Gem 11 Scout. There was no UR Nozomi in sight but, a single SSR and SR were very good results in and off their own rights. With this being my fourth SSR Tennis Nozomi, I was on the perfect track to maxing out the SIS slots on her. 

The second step costed 10 Love Gems more and it was going to be pulled by Lance. The stakes are now increased as we draw closer to the three scout limit. But, I was not about to let up hope just yet!

The eleven tickets burst out of the golden scouting box in a flash and my eye immediately spots something. But, I cannot be too certain until the envelopes start to unfold one after another. Just as four envelopes open up, the fifth arrives with a seal that I rarely ever witness.

Best girl has come home! This time, in the form of UR School Idol Outfit Nozomi! 

Step two down and I was blessed with a Nozomi UR and SR, both new cards that I have not procured in my past scouting efforts. The SR Nozomi happens to be the April (release) Nozomi, one of the earlier Cool SRs for Nozomi. 

With already one SSR and another UR, now was a very good time to stop and not push my luck any further than I should. But knowing that the final scout guaranteed an SSR, I decided to go for it despite it costing the full 50 Love Gems to scout. This time, it was all on me. 

Lightning did not strike twice in the third and final step as I was ultimately blessed with 2 SRs and the guaranteed SSR. For just the single Love Gem alone, the single SSR was more than worth the scout price and the other two SRs wre just icing on the cake. The SR Dancer (Pure) and Land of Fairies (Smile) Nozomi happened to be new additions too which were a good addition to the collection. 

With the new UR Nozomi, I now sit at three unclaimed URs in my present box. I had been holding off on the other two in the past as I was unsure if I wanted to idolize them and spend the large sums of stickers required to do so. But Nozomi is likely to be a clear exception as she joins the team in efforts of bolstering my Smile team even further. 

With that, we come to the end of this special on Nozomi's birthday scout. I hope you have enjoyed this little look at some SIF scouting. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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