SIF - 4th Anniversary Scout

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for some School Idol Festival content featuring a very important reminder. As part of the recent 4th Anniversary celebrations for School Idol Festival, KLab were kind enough to hand out up to four 11 Scout tickets (2 for Muse and 2 for Aqours) as a login reward. What many forgot to notice, me included, is that these tickets actually had an expiration period. Fortunately, KLab was kind enough to send out a reminder to notify all players to use their tickets before the expiration. 

Ever since my previous outing with scouting, I have been somewhat traumatized by SIF and its scouting odds. But keeping in mind that these tickets were free, I decided to go with it anyway as it would have been a waste. Who knows? Maybe my luck would have turned around this time after sacrificing 1000 Love Gems the last time to RNGesus. 

No, not at all. In fact, my luck could not have been any worst with the first scout 11 for Muse only netting a single SR Rin through all that. If you read the promotional clause for this Scout 11, it states that a single SR is guaranteed upon scout which means this is indeed the worst possible draw that one can get. Could my luck get any worse?

Fortunately, it did not! As my second draw yielded a single lavender envelope revealing itself to be non-other than SSR Nozomi. The last time I scouted for Tennis Nozomi, I was fortunate enough to scout both copies of her SSR within 450 Love Gems allowing me to idolize her while gaining an additional SIS slot. 

With the addition of yet another SSR Tennis Nozomi, I would be able to upgrade her even further bringing her one step closer to her full potential. Already Tennis Nozomi is an important foundation to my point-based Smile teams and this upgrade will only serve to bolster my future live performances. While it may only be a single SSR, I was happy with the results and implications it had for my gameplay.

Next up, we moved on to the Aqours Scout 11 which I had never actually done in the game before. Not because I am not a fan of the group but, rather because I simply do not have the resources to maintain two groups concurrently. Events and Limited SR/URs are one thing but, going for scouts is another beast entirely involving saving up a great deal of Love Gems. As such, this was a wonderful opportunity for me to see just how my luck would fare with Aqours. 

First scout in and my luck was already faring much better than it was two scouts ago with 5 SRs pulled in a single scout. They were all new to my party and would likely remain to be unless I net a second copy of them for idolization. Nevertheless, it was pretty shocking to yield 5 SRs in one single pull.

The fourth and final scout overall did not fair too poorly either as I managed to get three SRs and one that I was rather fond off. With 8 SRs in total from two Aqours scouts, I would say the results were certainly beyond my initial expectations.

Once more, no URs in sight for me as I eagerly await Nozomi's Birthday Scout which is due in the next week. In the meantime, there is also the new Promo SRs for Koi Ni Naritai AQUARIUM where we are only allowed to pick a single member of Aqours. I know it may be difficult for some players to commit to just a single choice but, I believe the choice for me would be pretty straightforward. 

Well then, that will be all for today. If you would like to see more SIF content like this, please do let me know and I would do my very best to provide them. Until the next time, thank you so very much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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