SIF - Summer Girl Election (Aqours)

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for the second part of our Summer Girl Election coverage. In the first part of our coverage, we took a look at the nine members of Muse and their short election campaign. Today, we will be taking a look at arguably a more summer oriented group in the form of Sunshine's Aqours. 

Just like the members of Muse, you will get to pick from each of the nine members from Aqours. Remember though, you are only allowed to vote on one and that single vote is final. So, make sure you think through your decision before making your vote. Without further ado, let us take a look at each of the nine members and see what they have to say in their plight to become this year's Summer Girl.

The group's leader and resident airhead, Chika wants to go for a never ending swim in the ocean and see where it brings her. Together with her love of the ocean, Chika is unsurprisingly a very good pick for a member of Aqours who reminds us of summer. Unfortunately, her character popularity would likely let her down in this particular round of votes. 

Riko is one of the more popular character from Aqours and being a newcomer to the ocean hailing from the city, Riko does stand a very good chance of becoming this year's Summer Girl from Aqours. Using the ocean and summer as inspiration for songwriting, that is another way of interpreting the joys of summer rather than engaging in the typical outdoor activities. 

Kanan spends most of her time in the ocean but, does she have what it take to become this year's Summer Girl? While it is true that the ocean is very closely related to the idea of summer, the correlation is often made above water. Kanan's blue world under the ocean certainly sounds like a lovely proposition but, is it enough to net her votes for the election?

The strict and disciplined Dia may not look like the kind who cares to much about summer or any season for the matter. But, she certainly appreciates your company during summer time and is that not what summer is all about? Spending quality time with those who are dear and close to you. 

Just like Kanan, You has a great appreciation of the ocean and stands above it all by claiming herself to be the guardian angel of the beach hut kitchen. More than just a popular character, You also has personality in spades and one that certainly matches the summer-vibes with her outgoing nature and willingness to take on challenges. 

The fallen angel, Yohane, may be better suited for seasons like autumn and winter and that is especially apparent in her little speech where she gets burnt by the hot sun halfway through it. Perhaps the fallen angel should stay in her dark corner until it is time to arise again once more or does she have thoughts of conquering the day-walkers of summer too? 

Could summer be the season of Hanamaru? The ever intelligent Hanamaru breaks down summer through its waves and motions. Perhaps there are some books on understanding the seasons better too? If there is, I have no doubt that Hanamaru has already read it too. 

With a hotel right by the seaside, Hanamaru's very home is a summer locale in an of itself. Couple that with her happy go luck attitude and you have the perfect combination for Aqours' Summer Girl. Pity she is not a very popular character among the fans as there certainly is great potential for Mari as this year's Summer Girl. 

Last but, not least, we have Ruby who diligently works through summer. Always willing to learn and try out new things, could Ruby be this year's Summer Girl? Perhaps that strawberry ice cone that she is offering may change your mind?

For the Aqours' election, I went with the member who both reminded me most of summer while, at the same time, being one of my personal favorites. Like my previous votes, I am fairly certain that Mari would not be getting too far in the elections too but, at least I tried. How about you, who did you vote for the Summer Election? I would love to hear more about that in the comments section below. 

With that, we have to the end of this two part coverage of this year's Summer Girl election on SIF. Being the first ever election available on the worldwide server, I am really hoping that we would get to see more of this sort of activities in the future too. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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