5 of Mami's Best Features

There is so much to love about Mami. From her calm and stoic personality to her immense battle capabilities, Mami has proven herself to be a strong character both inside and out. Initially starting out as little more than a side character in the original series, Mami has since grown to become an immense presence following the Rebellion feature film and, most recently, the Madoka Magica Concept Film. If the latest addition is anything to go by, Mami is set for even bigger things with the film clearly alluding to greater powers coming for our musket wielding goddess Magical Girl. That being said, this is a blog named Tiro Finale so, you would come to expect some degree of bias coming from me in regards to Mami. For that reason, I have decided to share with you my 5 favorite (physical) features of Mami!
1. Blonde Hair
Not exactly blonde but, not exactly yellow either. Mami's yellow-blonde hair pays a clear homage to the Magical Girl genre with their bright colored hair and equally flashy costume. Just like the four other girls, their individual character colors have gone on to influence many aspects of their design from their outfits to character-inspired motifs and designs. Madoka's pink and Homura's purple may definitely be two ends of a spectrum while, Sayaka and Kyouko's blue and red serve to contrast each other. But, Mami's yellow is uniquely individual yet, still standing out from the crowd. Often used to represent happiness, optimism, honor and loyalty, these colors perfectly match Mami. Not because they are the traits she inherently possess but, because these are the values she fights to uphold.

2. Ume Aoki Style Eyes
Ume Aoki's signature pencil sketch styled eyes are absolutely to die for. They are such a perfect detraction from reality yet, somehow add way more depth and emotion than the run of the mill doe eyes. To an extension, this fact remains to be true for every one of the Madoka Magica girls. But, Mami's yellow just adds that perfect touch of contrast. They are almost pale enough to look a light shade of brown yet, remain undeniably fantastical. 

3. Twin Tails
Twin Drills. Twin Tails. Twin Curls. Call it whatever you want but, these too remain one of Mami's signature features. How does she maintain them? Magic, of course! Hardly ever seen without them, this simple touch serves to reinforce Mami's image as a lady of higher stature. Some figures and artwork do depict her without them but, Mami is always at her best when she has them especially when it is time to take down enemies ten times her size.

4. Muskets
Mami's true power lies in the manipulation of magical ribbons. I bet many of you did not know that. With the sheer frequency at which she relies on her muskets, you would be forgiven into thinking that those were her powers similar to Sayaka's swords or Kyouko's modular spear. Instead, Mami has honed her powers to such a level where she is able to manipulate these magical ribbons into various objects of her desire. She just happens to make them into ornate percussion-locked muskets in which she can spawn near limitless quantities of. As a whole then, Mami's muskets do not just represent her explosive firepower but, a finer touch in destructive aptitude. 

5. Bebe (!!)
Bebe!! Seriously, what is there not to love about Bebe? Incredibly adorable and often seen together with Mami in every post-Rebellion figure, Bebe is the perfect compliment to Mami. That splash of mischief to Mami's discipline and an injection of cuteness into Mami's otherwise formal demeanor. Most of all though, Bebe is just incredibly cute!
Well, there you have it, my 5 most favorite features of Mami. You might have noticed many of these features are of Mami's physical attributes and that was purely intentional. To write an article about Mami's personality strengths would, probably, be far too long as the list just goes on and on. Perhaps I might try that one day in the future when time permits? For now though, I bid you farewell hoping that you have enjoyed this short read. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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