Home Sweet Home... For 14 Hours

After a 3 month excursion to Australia, I am finally back! Home to where my entire collection resides. It has gradually grown over the past year especially after my long time spent in Tokyo. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to review any of my new additions nor even open them up to begin with. Worst still, that would continue to be the case over the next half a month or so as I prepare for my next flight, in 14 hours time. That is right, in less than a day away, I will be flying off again. This time, for approximately 2-3 weeks but, rest assured, we will continue our steady stream of content updates on a daily basis thanks to our team of dedicated writers.

As of writing, I am currently battling an unfortunate case of jet-lag and fatigue. Nevertheless, there has been something that I have been waiting for close to a year now and have finally gotten my chance to open it! Within this box, lies one of my most anticipated figure of the entire year. The question is, what could it be?

Carefully opening up the cardboard box's tape wrapping and I am instantly greeted with a friendly greeting from Amiami. There are many reasons why I choose to continue shopping with Amiami and this just happens to be one of them. More importantly though, what exactly lies behind all that paper packaging? 
Still wrapped in thin paper to protect the box from dust and scratches, here she is! I will give you a moment to guess exactly who this is but, I am fairly sure the faintly visible name and signature purple color have already given away who it might be.
Still struggling to guess who it may be? With this last clue, you should easily be able to guess who it is, right?
Well, if you still have not, here is she is! It's Alter's School Idol Festival Collaboration Nozomi! My first ever Alter figure and I am extremely excited to finally have one to call my own.
Ever since I saw the figure at Wonder Festival this year, I was convinced that I had to get this if it was the only Nozomi figure I ever got! Now that I finally have it though, I have absolutely no regrets in that regard despite having to spend a considerable amount of my savings.

While I was certain the figure itself would be great, I just was not prepared for how good the box's design was too! Not only was it really colorful with a large window showcasing the figure, the materials used were really high quality too! At no point did it feel like it would accidentally dent out of shape from a slight bump or fall and that is very important for highly sought after figures like these. 
A really, really neat touch is the addition of Nozomi's signature at the back of the box. Sure, it may be printed as opposed to Kussun actually signing it but, that little touch is such a great addition which makes keeping the box all the more important!

While I may have to get on a flight shortly after I wake up, it surely feels good knowing I have this beauty waiting for me the moment I get back. Perhaps the only regret I have now, is not getting two. Well, that has been all for this quick weekend update. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have a great day ahead!


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