SIF Coverage: Challenge Festival Round 1 Begins

A new SIF event has started and it is the first ever Challenge Festival! Round 1 of Challenge Festival will run from the 31st of October till the 9th of November, making it a 10 day event. The addition of a new event type, Challenge Festival, is nothing unexpected as the JP Servers has had it for a while now adding to the total of 4 event types including Token Event, Score Match and Medley Festival. Being the first ever Challenge Festival (Round 1), we will be taking a step by step look at how to play this new Maki-centered event. 

Just like every other event, rewards are unlocked via two ways, Achievements and Rankings both of which involve racking up Event Points. Achievement Rewards are unlocked along the way as players earn Event Points leading to various point milestones. Meanwhile, Ranking Rewards are your usual Tier 1-5 rewards with Tier 1 and 2 being the most sought after because they both unlock additional event SRs.

In what is seemingly a hybrid of Score Match and Medley Festival, Challenge Festival may yet be one of the most challenging but, at the same time, rewarding events to be introduced. For starters, players get to choose a difficulty that they are most comfortable with and play up to 5 individual songs to rack up rewards, event points and EXP.

Just like Score Match and Medley Festival, a random song is selected with each subsequent song becoming gradually harder and harder. Before each son, there are randomly allocated "Additional Bonus" for each Live in the form of cute deformed Muse members in various outfits. Each member (up to 3) gives an individual benefit (Member Bonus) which benefits each play. If they match up such as being all 1st Years or all being part of the same sets, additional goals (Combination Bonuses) are awarded. These Combination Bonuses only pay off if players are able to meet the goals and these range anything from obtaining an S Score of ending a Live with Max Stamina.

Following that, there is the usual turn of selecting an appropriate team. It is at this point where I would recommend players to have various different teams set up to tackle any possible Combination Bonuses. For example, an S Score may require a stronger team (in terms of Attribute Points) while ending a song with Max Stamina may benefit from a team with a Healer (Stamina Restore Skill). 

Right before starting each Live, you will then get the turn to add on any additional bonuses (Special Effects) by spending G. These bonuses are very similar to those in Medley Festival except with the exclusion of Stamina Restore. In fact, it is so similar, even the tool tip mentions that "Selected Special Effects are valid for one Medley Festival round".

Then, there is the matter of clearing the song. At the end of each song, your rewards are tabulated including any bonuses which you would have received. The typical rewards include EXP, G and Event Points while, the special rewards are the Bronze, Silver and Gold rewards. Bronze may be the most common reward but, more valuable rewards are awarded in harder difficulties and towards the tail end of the 5 songs. Oh, it is also worth noting, you do not get to know what reward you have received until you decide to end your run adding a sense of suspense as you stand to lose all your rewards if you fail the subsequent Live.

At the start of each song, you can decide whether or not you would like to continue or cash out and collect your rewards. Things become tricky here as continuing on will certainly unlock more and more valuable rewards but, at the same time, the songs become harder and harder too. Hence, knowing what song comes next is very important as certain songs may be player's Achilles heel. A very important balance needs to be maintained here that is for sure.

If you do persevere and go on to complete all 5 Lives, you will automatically cash out on the fifth Live and collect all your rewards. If you fail at any point along the way, you will only receive half the amount of Event Points, G, EXP and no rewards. My opinion? Go for it all the way as the challenge always makes you a better player.

Earn enough Even Points and you will eventually unlock an SR Easter Maki! How many Event Points would you need to get her exactly? 

25,000 Event Points, that is how much. For players who can complete all 5 songs on Extreme Difficulty, this can be easily achieved by simply playing 10 times. Here is to hoping that the event would not be too stressful!

As usual, earning Event Points puts you in a global ranking among all players in the SIF EN Server. Gain more points and you will start moving up the ranks. As mentioned earlier, Tier 1 and 2 are the most sought after because they offer an additional SR Maki. Tier 1, the top 1100 positions, receive 2 SR Maki and Tier 2, the top 5500 positions, receive one extra SR Maki. You know, the usual stuff.

Finally, here is a brief example of how to approach the Challenge Festival not mentioned in the "Rules". For each difficulty, Beginner to Extreme, the number of stars below indicate the difficulties the songs will be starting. For example, in Extreme difficulty, your first three songs will be 9-10 Stars, the third-fourth song Random and the final fifth song 10-11 stars. Keep in mind, at Extreme difficulty, 11 Star Very Hard songs do appear and this can be a considerable challenge for many players, me included. 

Sometime mid-week, we will be taking a look at this event's SR Maki including an in-depth assessment of her position, points and skills. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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