SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 21 Conclusion

Eleven days have passed since the first post-Aqours update event begun and now, it has all come to a close. Score Match Round 21 with all its initial fanfare has come to an end in a surprisingly slow note. As usual, we here at Tiro Finale will breakdown the event for you from the rankings to the new members. 

Starting off with the Top 5 spots, we have someone who is no stranger to being at the top OTK Lucina with an amazing score of 1,555,555 points. Equally impressive are how 2nd place are tied at 1,252,521 and 3rd place is tied at 1,000,000 points. Sometimes, these score look almost too good to be true.

Moving on to Tier 1, we have the final 1100th spot going to Yevgeniy at 150,124 points. Initially estimated to be at 160,000 points, the cutoffs slowed down towards the end of the event and settled at where it is now. No Wonderful Rush this time.

The same can be said for Tier 2 as well with Cold Steel nabbing the final 5500th spot with 100,656 points. This too is far off the initial estimate of 106,000 points which is good news for many players as this meant spending less Love Gem to tier for the event. 

On my end, I decided to err on the side of caution as I would not be around for the final 12 hours of the event. This meant putting in that +1 Love Gem for safety which ended up securing me 2774th position overall. Safely within Tier 2 and not too heavy in terms of overall Love Gem investment. 

Before we jump to Dia, here is a quick spotlight on the event's N member, Osaka Shizuku. Despite being the event's N card, she does not follow the Tanabata theme.

Finally, here we have the end goal of this event, SR Tanabata Dia. Here she is at Level 1 with 3,650 Cool Points and a fairly decent Score Up Skill. Un-idolized, she comes with only two skill slots.

At Level 60, Dia's Cool Points jumps up to a respectable 4,480 points. Otherwise, there are no other changes worth noting. 

At Level 80, her Cool Points go up by another 280 points to a total of 4,760 points. If you have idolized her by means of Special Practice with an identical copy of SR Dia, you would unlock an additional skill slot. 

To wrap it up, here is a closer look at SR Tanabata Dia. It is not as elaborate as Ruby's design but, it is still nicely presented. Now that this event has ended, it is time for a short breather but, not for long as the new event is slated to begin in four days time. So, get all the rest you can and prepare for the next onslaught with the event to come. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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