SIF Coverage - Magnetic Today Conclusion

Fast forward 11 days and Nico's Token Event "Magnetic Today!!" has finally come to a close. Being a single-SR event, the competition this time around was not as heated as the double-SR events that came before it. That being said, the cutoffs were still respectably high especially when compared to the previous Hanayo Token Event. Without wasting anymore time, let us take a closer look at the results of the event and its subsequent rewards. 

Starting with the Top 5 spots, we have GoldTStar taking the top spot with 678,876 points. If that symmetrical score was not sufficiently impressive there was also BBSenpai at second place with 666,666 points. EN Server's highest ranking player, Kintolesky, also makes an appearance at third place. 

Meanwhile on the side of Tier 1, the cutoff this time was at 56,283 event points with the honors going to Trebins. Even with the 4x Rush that occurred three days before the end of the event, the cutoffs were still very much within the realms of prediction.

Over on Tier 2, the cutoff came at 34,303 event points for the 5500th position. The luck qualifier for this was Teodora which meant he/she would be unlock an additional SR Autumn Nico. Even though the final cutoffs were not particularly high, the cutoff for Tier 2 did exceed the predicted parameters by around a thousand points.

Aiming for the extra Scouting Ticket unlocked at 40,000 event points, I decided to play it safe and qualify comfortably in the middle of the pack for Tier 2. This guaranteed me an extra copy of SR Autumn Nico and the teacher trainer, Sasahara Kyoko. Additional rewards were given for Event Song Ranking too. 

Before we proceed to Nico, here is a closer look at the event's idolized N member, Kamiya Rika. Donne in a autumn-themed yukata, it is indeed a very lovely looking design especailly for an N member.

Here it is in card form sporting a Pure Attribute.
Qualifying to Tier 2 and above unlocks an additional SR Autumn Nico which then allows you, the player, to idolize Nico unlocking a single additional skill slot and raising her level cap to 80. To do this, you simply just have to combine both copies via Special Practice keeping in mind to place the higher leveled one in the first slot.

Successfully complete that and you will be rewarded with the idolized SR Autumn Nico. This time she is sporing a idol-themed outfit complete in autumn colors. She even has a small crown to top it all off.

Stats wise, at level 80, Nico's Smile Points just passes the five thousand mark with a Smile score of 5,050 enabling her to become the third best SR Event Smile card. Otherwise, there are not many changes to the card itself except with the addition of one more skill slot.

For these skill slots, players can put anything they like to boost the capabilities of each card. Personally, I would recommended using a Smile Ring and Smile Kiss combination. These alone would raise Nico's Smile Points to a even higher 5,755 Smile Points. A pretty substantial boost worth mentioning. 

Lastly, here is a closer look at SR Autumn Nico in her idolized form. As of now, there is no official word about when the next event will begin but, if I were to guess, it would be the 31st of October when the next event begins. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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