SIF Coverage - SR Tanabata Ruby

We are currently at Day 8 of Score Match Round 21 and with only 3 days left in the event, it is time to shine the spotlight on the first event SR. Making up one half of the Kurosawa sisters, it is Kurosawa Ruby who will be under the spotlight as we take a closer look at her cards stats, skills, design and utility.
In case you misplaced your Ruby, make sure to check your Present Box first. Because that is where all excess members are deposited. By the time you have collected 60,000 Event Points, you would be looking at two identical copies of SR Tanabata Ruby. 

Here she is in un-idolized form holding up a wooden plaque in one hand and a paint brush in the other. This is to signify the Tanabata Festival in Japan where people write well wishes and hang them upon a bamboo tree. Usually seen in temples and gardens, it is quite a colorful sight to behold. 

What about the card itself? Well, for starters, SR Tanabata Ruby is a Pure Attribute Event SR with a Perfect Lock skill. At Level 1, she sports 3,700 Pure Points with a level cap of 60 while still un-idolized. Her Leader Skill, Pure Heart, is similar to that of every other Pure SR which boosts a team's Pure Points by 6%. 

At Level 60, her Pure Points increases by 830 points to a total of 4,530. Her skills remain the same and the number of Skill Slots too do not change.

To make the most out of your SR Tanabata Ruby, you will have to idolize her via Special Practice. With the release of the 4.0 Update, you can now do that by either having an identical copy or by using 20 N Stickers. Here, we will be utilizing a second copy as this is cheaper and unlocks an additional Skill Slot. As usual, make sure the higher leveled copy is placed above so as to retain the levels upon completion of idolization.

Successfully idolize Ruby and you will get a new design for Ruby. This time, dressed in an outfit reminiscent of the ancient Japanese goddesses. In this case, Orihime as the event is themed around the Tanabata Festival. 

In terms of stats, unlocking Level 80 allows Ruby to increase her Pure Points up to 4,810 points. A small 280 point increment over the un-idolized version which does not sound like much. But, it is sufficient to elevate Ruby to become the second best Event Pure SR.

Take into account the benefits of a third copy unlocking the final Skill Slot and you have a pretty convincing reason to collect 100,000 Event Points. Of course if you are planning to qualify within Tier 2 and above, this is almost certainly a necessity. Well then, that is all for today's SIF Coverage. The next time, we will be taking a look at the conclusion of the event as well as SR Tanabata Dia. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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