Other RPG Classes?

So previously I talked about the standard, staple classes in RPGs. Now I'd like to break down that further. These other classes aren't exactly staple but they are getting a lot more prominent amongst RPGs which feature the class system. More often than not, these classes have been distilled into their current forms to add to the complexity of the gameplay and allow players a bigger range of classes to choose from to suit specific play styles.

I mentioned the swordsman class that served as the main physical damage dealer while doubling as a tank. Nowadays, the tank role is its own specific class with a wider skill set that can help out the entire party. You'll usually see the tanks sustaining damage their teammates would have gotten or having a higher resistance to ailments. While this role may not be very versatile, it's still of utmost importance, allowing characters to prolong the duration of which they can explore dungeons or grind.

The swordsman class is then further broken down into more specific damage dealing styles. Usually, the main physical damage dealing class will be equipped with a sword or a katana (because hey, that's how JRPGs role). They usually lack in their defence but make up with raw power. Their role is to simply go ham on enemies. Then you get the elemental melee damage dealer which requires more precision in skill usage to cater to enemy weaknesses. Besides this, sometimes dual-wielding is also considered its own class with primarily AOE skills.

The mage can be broken down into a number of different types too. Medics focus on healing with skills that can result in automated healing, ailment cures and revivals. I wouldn't really cast them under mages but if you think about healing magic, it sort of makes sense. Battle mages can take many forms such as elemental mages, support mages, necromances, summoners, etc. The amount of sub-classes under the bigger 'mage' class is insane and the limits really depend on the game at hand. I mean, Final Fantasy has black mages, white mages, red mages, blue mages, etc. You get my point right? There's too many mage-type classes to list.

I also talked about how the archer class and the rogue class are specialist classes, dealing damage in a unique way or serve to take down enemies strategically as opposed to charging in or blasting from a far. Of course, you do have those but they're besides the point. One infamous specialist class to join the fray would be dancers. This class is usually almost always feature in turn-based games to grant mechanic-specific bonuses like taking your turn first or gaining an additional action per turn. They've very interesting classes in their play style but I still find it funny that you're dancing in the middle of war.

Another specialist class includes my favourite valkyrie class (or dragoon in Final Fantasy). They're a class which involves a lot of acrobatics which again, makes use of the mechanics of either the turns in turn-based games or specific timings in more action-oriented games. I mostly like them though because of their design.

How can you not like a class with wings, spears and acrobatics?

And then of course we can't forget the other popular classes like the gunners, alchemists, brawlers/monks, reapers, etc. Each of these classes tend to again focus on specific mechanics or play styles that change the dynamic of the combat depending on the rest of the party. Overall, I think it's definitely a great thing that we have some many classes to choose from nowadays.

Besides this, a lot of games tend to link certain classes to certain races. In games which feature multiple races, you would sometimes be restricted to the classes you can choose from depending on the race of your character. This usually happens as a result of the world building whereby the lore dictates whether or not your chosen race can be your chosen class. It isn't really a bad thing because it sort of opens up your viewpoint of the game world but at the same time, if I want to be a chibi warrior, I should get to be a chibi warrior.


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