SIF Coverage - SR Autumn Nico

It sure is nice to have a single-SR event for a change of pace every once in a while. Although, now that the Aqours update has gone live, that would slowly become a thing of the past as the EN Server quickly works its way through all the remaining single-SR events. Of this, one of the remaining single-SR events is Nico's Magnetic Today!! Token Event which is currently ongoing till next Monday (24th October 2016.)

Today, we will be taking a closer look at the event specific SR Autumn Nico who is unlocked upon achieving 11,000 Event Points. Not too hard of a feat these days ever since the addition of updated Event Song scoring. A single EX song with an S score would yield 500 event points regardless of achievable combo making the task of racking up points a little easier and, as a result, more rewarding to play on the tougher difficulty. 
Here we have SR Autumn Nico at Level 1. A simple, yet cute, Smile attribute card with the Perfect Lock skill, Fall Colors. Personally, I quite like the parameters for Nico's Perfect Lock skill as the chance comes once every 16 notes and, if activated, creates a 3.5 seconds window making it invaluable for the songs with more notes.

At Level 60, Nico's Smile points rise from 3,690 to 4,520 points which in and of itself is fairly respectable. This is not too much of a surprise as, on top of a great skill, Nico is also the third most powerful Event Smile SR once idolized. 

Here is a closer look at Nico's unidolized design. With it being the middle of autumn and winter steadily approaching, the temperature too steadily falls and that is reflected in Nico's outfit. I wonder what Maki thinks of this.

Last but, not least, it is worth mentioning that Autumn Nico too comes with 2 available skill slots. I would recommend using Smile Perfume initially as this raises her Smile Points by 450 points. When idolized with an additional copy, the third slot will then be unlocked opening up the opportunity to utilize even more powerful skills. With that, comes a close to this mid-event coverage on SR Autumn Nico. The next time, we will be taking a look at the conclusion of the event together with the idolized SR Autumn Nico. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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