Colorfull Collection Kongou Damaged Version Review

 Let's Review: Colour-Colle Kongou Damaged Version

After a short hiatus, I am finally back and churning out the reviews once again. This time hopefully with no interruptions again in between or in the case of the last time, technical issues. For today's review, we'll be taking a look at a figure I've hinted at in my last review. It's more Kongou and this time the damaged version!

Launched sometime in September 2014, this particular Kongou figure was one of the two "secret" ones you could get from the Kancolle Color-Colle DX line. You could get it by either being lucky enough to pick it out from one of the blind boxes or purchase the whole set of 10. Even then, the chance was only 50/50 as there was another "secret" in the form of damaged Zuikaku.

Onto some basic information, just like the normal counterpart, Kongou is tiny standing at just 50 mm (1.95 inches) tall. It too comes with the clear blue base which as you can see is quite a dust magnet. Let's move onto the review then!

Rear View
No front view? Well, that's the first picture at the header of the review. It's pretty plain to see that Kongou is pretty banged up and not too happy about it. Not just her outfit but, the battlecruiser at the back too with some damage to the hull and cannons.

Left View

Right View
Detailing and colouring on the figurine is spot on just like the normal version. There's no signs of any paint excess or inconsistent areas. The decals for the face are also applied well and that facial expression is just so adorable.

Closeup of the Battlecruiser
While it doesn't bug me too much, I do feel that the degree of detail and sculpting quality of Kongou herself is much better than that of the otherwise plain battlecruiser on her back. The damaged version just goes to further highlight this divide, almost as if they are two parts of separate figures. But nitpicking on something that small is clearly going a bit too far.

Cannons still look like they're pointing in the right direction
What about the head seam or any other manufacturing seams? Well, you'll be glad to know that the head seam is hardly noticeable and is really well sealed. As you can see with the shot above, the head seam doesn't stand out at all unless you're attentively looking out for it. As for manufacturing seams, we'll be having none of that either.

So adorable!
Top recommendations for this one! If you were one of the lucky ones who managed to get the "secret" damaged version, that's great. Colouring, casting and detailing are all finely reproduced and this little Kongou would fit in just fine with the rest of the other Kancolle ships in your collection.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to review this and I hope you enjoyed it too. There aren't too many pictures this time around as I didn't want to much repetition. Though, if you'd like to see more photos, let me know and I'll try to get around to taking more at the next oppurtunity that I have.

Once again, thanks for reading and have a great day ahead!


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