Colorfull Collection Shimakaze Review

Let's Review: Color-Colle Shimakaze

Enough with the teasers and this time we have a real fan favourite. It's Shimakaze in her deformed Collor-Colle guise! All I can say is that it is super cute and I'd just jump straight into the review but, we have the usual formalities of information to go through first.

If you've read my previous review (on Kongou), you'd have more or less figured out that Shimakaze comes from the same Color-Colle series by Movic. The only difference is Shimakaze together with several other ships such as, Akagi and Atago are part of the first volume of releases. Kongou on the other hand, comes from the second volume of Kancolle Color-Colle trading figures. 

The similarities continue with pricing (700 Yen each) and methods of obtaining it (either blind box or buying a whole set), even the height remains the same at 50 mm (1.95 inches). Yeap, it is still really small and still infinitely adorable. With the information aside, let's move onto the review!

Front View
Just at first glance, I'm already very impressed with what I see. It isn't just with Kongou, the other members of Movic's Color-Colle DX series are all really well sculpted, painted and detailed. Shimakaze too is no exception, the blues stand out nicely to accent her outfit and the red stripes on her thigh highs and Rensouhou-chan's flotation device.
Rear View
At the rear, there's a clear blue brace which helps Shimakaze stand upright. The brace is firmly mounted into the similarly coloured clear blue base and does a good job of holding her upright while remaining mostly unseen. Simple and effective, I like it.
Together with Shimakaze is her loyal twin 12.7 mm twin turret naval gun, Rensouhou-chan. It stands upright on its own and unlike Shimakaze, isn't mounted to the base meaning it can be moved about and separated entirely if you wish so.
A slight complain about this figurine would be the edges of her hair at the sides, a very obvious manufacturing seam is present and the surface of the hair nearing the end is rather rough too. Admittedly unnoticeable from a distance but, something which no doubt spoils the "feel" of the hair.
Shimakaze's outfit it well painted and detailed, especially with the finer sections. For example, the yellow buttons on her blouse on the string for her panties. There's no sign of paint spillage or inconsistent lines either.

Shimakaze's facial expression is equally well done too. The decals for the eyes are applied nicely and the slight opened mouth gives of a similar expression as to the one seen on the playing card. It's really cute!

Retrospectively, I should have repositioned Rensouhou-chan to actually show the anchor tied at the end of Shimakaze's hair on the left side. Needless to say, it is there and I will try to capture a picture of it the next chance I get to.
I wanted to get a better closeup of Rensouhou-chan but this is as close as I managed to get. Perhaps when I get my new lens, better close ups will be on the list of things to add. Nevertheless, you don't need to get to close to see that Shimakaze's signature twin cannons are lovingly crafted. It looks really cute and the whole thing would've just been a little better if the cannon articulated. Though, that is indeed a long shot especially considering the size of it.
Dust + Bunny Ears = Dust Bunnies?
Her bunny ears are huge too, they make up for easily one third the height of the figurine itself. They're really nice though especially since they're not your standard affair of standing straight on ends. It gives a nice illusion of motion.
Why is Rensouhou-chan crying?
Indeed. Did something happen to Rensouhou-chan? Perhaps it get damaged somehow? Unfortunately, we won't have the answer to that just yet.

What we do have, is the conclusion to this review. Without a doubt, Shimakaze is another high quality addition to the Color-Colle series and it really does live up to the DX (deluxe) designation. I'm sure there are plenty of Shimakaze fans out there, if you are one, this is a must have addition to the collection.

That pretty much wraps it up, thanks a lot for reading and I hope you look forward for the upcoming reviews. Until then, I'll be signing off and wishing you all a great day ahead!


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