Colorfull Collection Shimakaze Damaged Ver. Review

Let's Review: Color-Colle Shimakaze Damaged Version

I teased this at the end of my Color-Colle Shimakaze review yesterday and if you've guessed it right, congratulations! For today, we have a continuation of that review with Shimakaze in her damaged form. Just like how Congou's damaged form was one of the two "secret" Color-Colle figures, Shimakaze too was one of the two "secret" figures in the first volume of the Kancolle Color-Colle DX series.

Scale wise, it is exactly the same as the normal Shimakaze with the only difference being it slight difference in height due to the damaged version's "bunny" ears slouching down. Otherwise, still small and plenty adorable. I won't bore with you with anymore information, let's get on with the review!

Just like the normal version, damaged Shimakaze too comes with her trusty companion, Rensouhou-chan, who is also damaged. Poor thing, his naval guns barrels are so bent out of shape. No shells are going to come out of that barrel anytime until it is repaired.

Front View
Just like the regular version, Rensouhou-chan can be moved around wherever you please. It can be on the other side of the planet if you desired. 

Rear View
From the rear, we can see the clear blue stand which holds up Shimakaze firmly on the base. It does a good job of holding her in place, lifting the base to transport the figure didn't cause it to fall off or topple over.
With this much damage, I'm surprised she's still standing
Shimakaze has lost a significant amount of her outfit as a result of being "damaged', Kancolle logic I suppose. With all the extra skin showing, painting too becomes much tougher. Unfortunately, this means that the painting isn't as neat as the regular version. The most obvious places where the paint goes over the borders are with the white paint on the arms and the stripes on her stockings. Let's be honest though, for 700 Yen and a figure this small, such a matter isn't that much of a problem as you're unlikely to notice it on a daily basis anyway.

While the painting may not be as good, the detailing is still top notch. I particularly like Shimakaze's disgruntled expression and her sloppy bunny ears. Notice how even the anchor on the left part of her hair has broken off?

The decals for the eyes and expressions are well placed. Good news, unlike the regular version, there doesn't appear to be any manufacturing seams at the edge of her hair. I'm not sure why there was such an irregularity between the two version but, I'm glad this one doesn't have the seam. Extra points in my book.

On the topic of manufacturing seams, you'll notice one running along her bunny ear. Because it is painted black, the seam isn't very noticeable at all which is good. The hair band for the bunny ears also act as a very good way of covering up any unsightly head seams.

What about casting then? Just like the regular version, it is very good. Few manufacturing seams aside, the whole figure is presented very well and the sculpting too is done nicely.
What's Shimakaze looking at? Perhaps towards the next review?
What's to say about this super adorable Shimakaze figure? Casting, sculpting and colours are all good with the only slight letdown being the painting. Even then, the painting is easily overlooked. The biggest issue would most probably be that it is a "secret" making it rather difficult to obtain. If you have one, that's great! If you're looking for one, all the best!

Hope you've enjoyed reading the review, I sure enjoyed taking pictures of it. Until then, have a great day!


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