Ichiban Kuji Kyun-Chara Asuna Undine Version Review

Let's Review: Kyun-Chara Asuna Undine Version

After some delays, we're back again with a new review! This time, it's Asuna in her Undine form from ALO which we see most of in SAO II. Just like Kirito, Asuna too is obtained via the Ichiban Kuji lottery. Only difference is this Asuna comes from the third SAO Ichiban Kuji as compared to the fourth of Kirito whom she is pictured with. Offered as one of the possible six H prizes, your chances of obtaining Asuna wasn't too difficult at all if you took part in the lottery draw.

As usual, before we begin the reviews let's first go through some basic information about this Kyun-Chara figurine. Released sometime in March 2014 as part of the third SAO Ichiban Kuji by Banpresto, Asuna stands approximately 100 mm (3.9 inches) tall and comes included with a base, support stand and a pair of clear wings. That aside, let's get on with the review!
Front View
First of all, I just have to say, those blue eyes are look so bright! It is the one feature which stands out the most throughout the whole figurine. While the blue theme recurs throughout with her hair and outfit, her eye colour still pops up brilliantly.

Rear View
The rear is mostly dominated by Asuna's long, long blue hair. The stand molds around the hair and helps hold Asuna firmly in place. Like other Kyun-Chara(s), removing the stand wouldn't cause the figure to topple over as there are pegs in the base which connect to the slots in the feet. Nevertheless, for this figurine, I'd recommend keeping the stand on due the "heavy" hair which causes it to be especially top heavy.

Left View
See what I mean by heavy hair? Asuna's hair isn't just long, it is also notably voluminous. 
Right View
Notice something missing by now? That's right, her wings aren't equipped and will not be so for the rest of the review. Why? Because I did not know of their existence until much later where I did my research for this figurine. I do apologise for it and when I do get the chance to, I'll definitely snap a few good shots of it and update the review.
Looking at Asuan's face from the side, you can notice the nice attention to details for the facial expression. The face isn't just typically rounds and is sculpted well enough to ensure that, just by looking at it, it is unmistakably Asuna.

Close up time!
The decals for the eyes are applied nicely and the choice of colour for it, like I mentioned earlier, is superb! Without a doubt, my favourite aspect of the figure. The facial expression doesn't slouch behind either as that too is sculpted nicely.
Asuna's outfit is predominantly white with light and dark blue accents. These accents are really thin when scaled down to a figure this size. As such, while the painting remains within their borders, there is still something to be desired from the painting. Many parts are inconsistent, with the thickness of the accents varying and some part having notably thicker/thinner painting.

If you've followed my reviews before this, you'd already know the dislike I have for manufacturing seams. I blame my model kit building background for that. Asuna too is not exempt from the cruelty to sculpting and detail that is manufacturing seams. One of the most apparent one runs laterally down the side of her hair.

Sculpting, detailing and seams aside though, the colour choice is actually really good. I always thought Asuna's colour scheme in ALO looked weird. What not, with the blue hair, eyes and outfit. It always felt like there was a lack of contrast, especially in the anime. For the figure though, they may all still be blue but, the combination of tones and hues of blue work well here I must say. Either that, or things just happen to wok better in 3 dimension.
A very casual and demure pose very fitting of Asuna's character. Her facial expressions work together with her pose very naturally.
I wonder what she's so happy about

The base has Asuna's name written in it too, in blue no less. 
Oh, no! Who's that coming from the back?

A mysterious black character appears from the back!

Oh, Kirito, it is just you.


Looks like Asuna wasn't too happy about that.
Although I know many are, I'm personally not a very big fan of Asuna. I much prefer Kirito, Sinon and Leafa/Sugu but, that's not to say I can't appreciate a well made figure like this. Everything from the detailing, sculpting and colour choice does justice to Asuna's character with the only letdown to be the painting on the outfit. Otherwise, it is an overall very cute figure to both own and look at. Asuna's facial expression matches really nicely with her pose and just makes this and all the more "must collect" for fans of Asuna. A year may have passed since its release but, fortunately Kyun-Chara(s) like this can still be found on the market relatively easily. That's good news if you are considering on getting one.

With that, it wraps up my review of Kyun-Chara Asuna. Once again, apologies about the lack of wings. I'll try my best to get pictures of it as soon as I can. Until then, hope you have a great week ahead of you!


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