Super Sonico Space Police Version Review

Let's Review: Super Sonico Space Police Version

Hello everybody! How are you all doing? Today we have the first official review of a Super Sonico figurine on Tiro Finale and this one, the Space Police Version, belongs to a good friend of mine who was kind enough to let me carry out a photo shoot and review it. Funny how the first review isn't about a Sonico which belongs in my collection huh?

Anyway, on to the information, this Sonico Space Police version is an arcade prize and just like every other Sonico arcade prize, is manufactured by Taito. This particular Space Police Version is the Black colored uniform version, a second release following the initial pink colored uniform released back in 2013. Meanwhile, this one together with another Space Police Sonico in Baby Blue were released a year later in September of 2014. Standing roughly 200 mm tall (7.8 inches), this Sonico comes with an included base and a very short skirt. With that out of the way, on to the review!

Front View
For this review, I'll try to keep it as short and concise as possible. Too many words and things start to get boring. Onto Sonico herself then, from the front we can see her dressed in her "Space Police" outfit which definitely looks many sizes too small for both her blouse and skirt.
Rear View
Did I mention the skirt was really short? Because it is, really really short.
Despite having her cap on, Sonico still sports her signature headphones and his holding a "space pistol" in her left hand. I wonder what kind of beams it fires.

While her right hand is in a salutary pose, fits the whole Space Police theme after all doesn't it?
Let's not forget the handcuffs too, an essential tool of every police officer. In this case, Sonico has her's hanging from her belt. Though, it makes me wonder how she's going to quickly deploy it for use since one half is already looked into place on the belt. Oh well, doesn't matter, least it looks the part.
Overall then, the pose, sculpt and detailing are really nice. Just a quick glance at it would make you be willing to spend thousands of Yen on getting her in the arcade. Without a doubt, the more than skimpy outfit wouldn't be to everyone's taste but, let's face it, this is hardly the skimpiest things we've seen Sonico put on before. 

I'm generally not a fan of Sonico wearing too skimpy outfits but, I'm generally still fine with this. But, there is one thing I'm not fine with and that flaw is present extremely obvious in the picture above. I'll leave it for you to see if you can spot it. If not, I'll point it out later in the post.
How good exactly is the detailing? For starters, the miniscule Taito logo graces various parts of her outfit, namely the emblem on the cap, the space pistol and her badge. Two of them may be decals but, they're really nice touches and the Taito badge on the badge just adds to that.
Facial details wise, Sonico is immediately recognizable just by looking at her face alone. Although, I'm not sure where else you'd be looking. The whole facial expression does look really cute and fitting with Sonico's character. Although, the decals for the eyes do appear to be too glossy. I would've preferred a more matte finish for the eyes as they usually do.

The hair on the front end is really nice too, the way it flows over her shoulders to her chest looks really nice. Best part is the finish isn't clump or messy either. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the hair from the back.
Ah! The quintessential Space Pistol, enabling Super Sonico to travel the galaxy and apprehend galactic criminals. The whole pistol fits perfectly in Sonico's hands and the painting's really neat too especially when you consider the distance. The gold Taito logo on the side of the pistol is a really nice detail too!
If Sonico's ample bust wasn't already sufficiently obvious from the front, the side certainly doesn't hide it. The fabric "stretch" on the blouse helps make it look more believable.

Does Sonico's skirt looks too loose? Well, that's because it is. The skirt isn't fixed in place and can more up freely although it cannot be removed with breaking the cast. Neat feature albeit being rather redundant.

Now's the time for me to nitpick. If you haven't noticed it by now, you most probably need to get your eyes checked. Seams! There are manufacturing seams everywhere! The picture above does a great job in showcasing that. There's a seam which runs down her blouse, torso and even the skirt. There's even more seams all over the figure and just goes to show how poor the finish on this Sonico figure is.

I'll talk more about the seams in a bit. In the meantime, let's divert our attention the Sonico's legs. They're plenty long, there's no doubt about that and for this figure, Sonico looks to have slightly pudgier thighs as compared to her other figurines and that's all down to the sculptor. Personally, I prefer the look Santa Tsuji created, the Sonico with meat as I would call it. So yeah, I approve of this Sonico's slightly wider thighs.

Not only that, the stockings look really nice too. They're not your typical gloss white as there is a slight pearl finish to it.
Back to the back! Remember the clumping I mentioned earlier? At the back, Sonico's hair isn't very impressive. Each separation looks too thick and they all clump together weirdly. The ends of the hair too is a little too rounded making it not look like hair. Then there's the color gradiation which changes too drastically making Sonico's hair look too white.
That bit of sidetrack aside, let's take a look at the base. Impressively enough, Sonico is mounted to the whole base via only one foot as her other is kicked up in the air. Even with only one peg, it mounts firmly onto the base and there's no problems at all with stability.
Here's how it looks from the front

The other seam that I was talking about earlier in the review? Without a doubt, you've most probably noticed the horrid boob seam. The seam is just so terribly obvious and with Sonico barring this much cleavage (if you can even call it that), the seam just spoils the whole look for me and even potentially making not want to purchase it.
On the other hand though, if you can put such an obvious flaw aside, everything else seems to fall into place just right. The paint, detailing, sculpt and pose are Sonico-worthy.
So there you have it, the fit without the finish. If you can live with that fact, then get Space Police Sonico especially considering how affordable they are online. If the same doesn't bother you one bit, go ahead and get all the three color variants. The black color scheme one is my favorite one though and I might get it in the future.

Until then, hope you've enjoyed the review and have a great day everyone!


  1. Excellent job, officer! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks! I will definitely do my best. :D


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