Ichiban Kuji Kyun-Chara Kirito ALO Version Review

Let's Review: Kyun-Chara Kirito ALO Version

Previously, we had the review for Kirito from SAO in Kyun-Chara form and now, we have similar review of Kirito also from the Ichiban Kuji draw. This time around, it is the E Prize from the fourth Sword Art Online Ichiban Kuji which is the ALO version of Kirito. 

This particular figure is based of Kirito in the second part of ALO which sees him sporting a different hairstyle, garment and sword. Long gone is the Black Iron Great Sword and in place the Long Sword which looks like a cross between Elucidator and Dark Repulser but, more on that later. Information wise, it is pretty much your standard affair Kyun-Chara figure. It stands at about 100 mm (3.9 inches) tall and this particular one was released sometime late last year (2014) as part of the Ichiban Kuji lottery. You'd either have to be lucky enough to win it then or nab yourself one online. Alright, onto the review then!

Front View
From the front, we can see Kirito in dynamic-esque pose. It isn't exactly to my liking as the illusion of movement isn't there especially when compared with the Kyun-Chara Kirito SAO version. While the SAO version strikes a very aggressive pose this one falls short and I think it has to do with his slightly awkward looking stance.
Rear View
Meanwhile, from the rear, there's a stand which mounts into the base and helps stabilise Kirito. It isn't necessary though, as the pegs which connect to the base of his feet do a more than good enough job of propping him upright. 
Left View
Oh, no! That horrible head seam. It goes all the way from ear to ear and is especially noticeable when you view it from the side. Kirito's black hair does nothing to help hide that head seam.
Right View
The Long Sword is easily removeable yet, still mounts firmly into the hand grips. Nevertheless, something about the way Kirito wields the sword just does not look right. Plus points for the fine detailing on his shoulder emblem though!

On closer inspection of the face, we can see that the decals are applied well although, I'm not really feeling the facial expression. Kirito is supposed to look like he is ready for combat yet, he doesn't. The elf ears, on the other hand, are actually really well sculpted. They're just the right size and do not look too out of place.
Remove the stand and the rear highlights one of my favourite details about this figurine, the scabbard for Kirito's Long Sword. Unlike the matter finish of the rest of the figure, the scabbard is done in a nice gloss finish complete with a little emblem at the upper red portion of the scabbard.

Here's a closeup of the Long Sword. Earlier I said it looks like a combination of Kirito's two swords in SAO and when you take a closer look you can see why. It has the shape of Dark Repulser with the colours of Elucidator.
The sword is well painted with the silver and black edges having a clear and clean demarcation. However, the sword's finish is rather bland. The silver edge is a matte finish and it doesn't really look that good.

Gasp! The head seam is back!

The lower half of Kirito isn't neglected either. While simple, his trousers and boots are well detailed and sculpted. The trousers especially which have slight folds in them which help provide some sense of volume.
The base has Kirito's name written on it. You know, just in case you didn't know who he was.

Hey! Whom might that be?
Notice that little emblem I mentioned at the upper end of the scabbard?
Why, it's Asuna!

You'll have to forgive Kirito, he can be a little overprotective.

Asuna seems fine about it though. She can take care of herself just fine.
Well, I didn't know what more to say about Kirito so, I thought a little skit at the end would be nice. Overall, in terms of detailing, colouring and sculpting this figure is spot on although, the pose leaves a lot to be desired. If you managed to win it from the Kuji draw, no harm done. But, if you're going out of your way to source one online, I'd recommend you save your time. Unless, you really really like Kirito.

As you can probably guess by the last series of images who will be next in line for a review. Hope you look forward to that and until then, have a great weekend!


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