Tomoe Mami Beach Queens Version 2 Review

Let's Review: Tomoe Mami Beach Queens ver. 2

Today, we'll be taking a look at one of the jewels of my Mami collection and one I considered to be among the best Mami figures even before having gotten my hands on it. After finally getting my hands on it,  I was more so convinced. Read on the review and you'll see why I rate this figure so highly! But, before that, there's the obligatory information that we'll have to go through. Promise I will keep it real short this time.

Manufactured by Wave, this lovely Mami is part of Wave's highly popular Beach Queens series. Just as the name suggests, the Beach Queens series is known for its swimsuit clad figurines of various popular anime in a, smaller than usual, 1/10 scale. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is no exception with all of its girls having been featured in the series twice. That's right! This Mami figurine which stands 160 mm (6.24 inches) tall is actually the second iteration of her in the Beach Queens series with the first one featuring a racier white bikini compared to this more suitable polka dot bikini. Released in May 2014, this Mami figurine could be had for 4200 Yen. Although, still available in the market, the price has gone up somewhat. Onward to the review then!

Front View
A polka dot bikini swimsuit for Mami, what could be more suitable than that? The colors of it work very well too especially the pink which contrast nicely with Mami's eyes and hair. Oh! Let's not forget about the sculpting and detailing either. At first glance, Wave has done a much better job with Version 2 of Mami's Beach Queens figure. The proportions now look much more realistic and the more relaxed pose definitely looks better.
Rear View
Beach or not, Mami's signature twin drills are still there and it matches the whole swimsuit very well. As far as sculpting and detailing in the back goes, it remains very good. The band and strap for the bikini top flows smoothly and the wavy frills for the bikini bottom is sculpted nicely as well. Then, there's also the meticulously painting of the white polka dots on the really narrow strap and band of the bikini top. So neat!

Left View
A relaxed yet confident stance, that's the best way to describe Mami's pose for this figure or just, Mami in general. So, good job Wave! Top points for the sculpt and pose.
Right View
Now for a little squinting time, notice how the bikini top doesn't reach all the way to the bottom leaving a slight gap? Well, I don't know if that is intentional of an oversight. The official pictures by Wave show no such gap while it is clearly present here. Regardless, it doesn't matter too much as the gap isn't much of a bother.

Painting and color choices for this Mami figure is spot on too! The bikini, like I mentioned earlier, contrasts nicely with her hair and eye color. While, the blonde/yellow color for the hair closely matches the original illustration.

Double-image Mami?

Still on the topic of painting and color, the back is another area worth mentioning. Instead of a uniform skin tone, there are obvious darkening in tones around the ridge of her back and borders of her shoulder blades. Such fine work!

Then there's the "halo" light effect on her hair. Supposedly to emulate light bouncing of her hair maybe? Well, it certainly matches the original illustration but, I'm not a big fan of it as it comes of looking more discolored rather than being a light effect.

If you hear me constantly referring the original illustration, here is it. The original sketch made in 2012 by Yamamura Hiroki which also served as the base illustration for the rest of the other Magical Girls' Version 2 Beach Queens figure.
How to make a good and character-accurate facial expression for Mami?
Step 1. Draw gentle three quarter opened eyes
Step 2. Finish it with Ume Aoki's pencil sketch style
Step 3. Add a slight smile
Tadah! You have a spot-on Mami expression!

Just to emphasize the polka dot detailing on the bikini bottom, that's all.

And here's to emphasize the detailing of the bikini top and maybe, a little bit more.

The neck joint does allow a certain degree of mobility but, don't get any wise ideas about Episode 3 or neck jokes. That's not allowed here at the Holy Church of Mami.

Elevated angle view because, why not?

Mami's legs are rather simple except for the colored toe nails which are anything but simple. Each individual toe nail is painted yellow as are her fingernails. It is a little hard to see but, rest assured, it is a detail worth noting.
Besides the frills on the bikini bottom, the bikini top too spots slight frill on its inner border. It would have to be done consistently on both sides to look good and fortunately, it does.

Two complete loops finished by an incomplete half loop, that's the secret to Mami's twin drills and also her secret weapon in combat. The second part of the statement may not be whole truth.

Just like every other Beach Queens figure, the base is a hexagonal sand-textured base. Pegs at the base mount into the figure's feet and mounts it firmly in place. Simple yet, does its job just fine.

It might be hard to show on pictures but, the stand isn't smooth but instead has a textured finish to emulate sand on the beach side.

As impressive in the back as she is in the front.
A 1/10 figure for 4200 Yen might not sound look the best deal for a figure especially considering it does not come with any extras aside from the figure itself and the base.

But, that's what Wave's Beach Queens series has always been about, quality over quantity and while many would like a larger 1/8 or 1/6 scale figure especially since they're in a swimsuit. It isn't hard to see why Wave has stuck with the 1/10 formula, by being able to focus on every other aspect, they're able to deliver a really nicely detailed and colored figurine.

After all, it isn't size that matters but what you do with it. But, for does who desire a slightly larger bikini-clad Mami, fortunately Wave makes a 1/8 of that too and you'll see a review of it here soon enough.

The hairpins are done nicely too!
What about the figure then? What's the final conclusion on it? Much earlier in the review, I mentioned how this is among the best Mami figures and it isn't hard to see why. Top notch detailing, sculpting and coloring coupled together with a proportion which is just right makes this a definite winner. A must have for all Mami-fans! Make this a priority addition to your collection before it can no longer be found. 

Edit: Done with the review? Check out my updated review here with more pictures too.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you've found this review helpful. There's definitely more reviews to come soon and until then, have a great day!


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