Tomoe Mami Beach Queens V2 Review Update

Wasn't so sure what to do today so, I thought "why not more Mami?". After all, you couldn't go wrong with Mami in a swimsuit.

Original review can be found here
It has been a while since I first did the review for Mami's Beach Queens V2 figure, of which I enjoyed very much. So, it was nice to go back and take some more photos in different angles and framing. Hopefully they are better this time around, I certainly think so.

Mami just looks so good wearing outfits with Bebe/Charlotte's color and motif. Coincidence? The upcoming Kuji even has Mami wearing a Charlotte hoodie, too cute!

In my original review, I didn't mention that the head is actually movable via an integrated neck joint. Most of Wave's Beach Queens figures have this so, here's a couple of poses with that neck joint in action.
The joint is initially rather stiff but, loosens up after a few turns. While flexible, the joint is still pretty strong and sturdy. There's no sensation of laxity and it holds the position in place just fine. Oh! Not to mention, the joint is so free you can twist Mami's head a full 360 degrees!

Because Mami's twin tails can collide against her shoulders when turning her head, Wave made sure to make the hairpiece out of flexible material. The joint where the twin tails connect to the head too allows some degree of pivoting. Handy indeed!

There we have it, a quick update to my earlier review of Mami Beach Queens V2. I'm still contemplating on which figure to unbox next but, for now I've decided to a 360 view for this particular Mami figure as I hadn't done it before yet. Perhaps tomorrow?

Until then, thanks for reading and have a great day!


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