Super Sonico Magician Version Packaging & Unboxing

I did it! I finally got around to unboxing a new figure to be added to my display shelf and after much though, I've decided to go with Taito's Super Sonico Magician version. This figure has been sitting in my collection of other unopened figures for nearly half a year now. I first got it earlier this year together with a shipment of many other Sonico prize figures. Now that I've gotten around to finally doing it, I've decided to document the entire unboxing process. Let's go!
On the front, we have the standard Taito prize figure affair. Bright colors, clear words and a full shot of the figure you'd be getting. As usual, the box tends to be rather tall and slim. I have a feeling this is deliberately done so to make it more difficult to win in arcade machines.
The left side of the box showcases some of the highlights of the Sonico figure such as, the adorable "penguin" tail.
The back features some artwork of Sonico and Pochacho, likely the original design sketch. While Sonico is the magician, Pochacho is the assistant and she's available in figure form too. Meanwhile, the right hand side of the box displays a more zoomed in look at Magician Sonico.

Here's a closer look at the artwork. If you though Sonico's bust was outrageous, Pochacho is just leaps and bounds ahead of that.
Pop open the package and there's the contents, nicely secured with bubble wrap and a protective cardboard surrounding. This protects in from the falls, knocks and bumps it may experience on the way down to the arcade game machine.
What are the contents? Aside from the Sonico figure itself, there's the base and another package containing Sonico's magician hat and cane.

The hat is as is while, the cane is wrapped in a paper wrapping. The cane itself is rather thin so, adding the paper wrapping most certainly helps.
Here's how it looks unwrapped. The magician's hat is made of a rather flexible PVC which allows Sonico to grip onto it. You'll see what I mean in the following few pictures.
Here's Sonico mounted on the base alone without her hat or cane;
And here she is with the added accessories. Sure adds another dimension to it, doesn't it? 

That's all for this quick unboxing and I'll be posting up a review next. Hopefully, I'll have time to be done with the pictures tomorrow and have the review up by this week. Looking forward to reviewing this Sonico figure and scrutinizing further on the details.

Until then, thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful day!


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