Drawing Nendoroid Faces

Two weeks ago I attended the annual Chara Expo held in Singapore. This was my first time attending an anime convention of this scale and when I was invited by a friend, I just couldn't say no. One of the main booths at the Expo was by Good Smile Company. Aside from the exclusives, that many had been queuing outside since the break of dawn to get their hands on, there was a small area where you could draw your own Nendoroid faces. Tables, chairs and even drawing material were provided all for a meager sum of 1SGD. Sensing the value and interest in making some joke faces for Mami, I though why not and decided to give it a shot.

Some time later coupled together with a feeble attempt at drawing and I had completed two faces. Drawing the first one was so much fun, I decided I just had to do another. The one on the right is the first one I drew and the one on the left is the second one.
Do the those eyes look familiar?

That's because I based it off the "crazy-eyes" that was used for the Mami Cutie Figure Mascot or any other Cutie Figure charm for that matter. I've always liked the twirly eyes look and wanted it on a larger scale figure and not just the mobile phone charm-sized Mami. Hence, crazy eyes for the Nendoroid. I've yet to fit them on but, when I do, I'll make sure to take pictures.
The second set of eyes was based of this super adorable picture taken by Nendoroidoodads
I was told by my friend that the face actually comes from another Nendoroid though, I just can't remember which. Memory isn't exactly my strong suit.

Well, that's all for today's little update. A new gallery will be up tomorrow, hopefully, and it is something from the Abyssal Fleet. Until then, have a great day everyone!


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