What I'm Saving Up For

With almost every single Mami figure collected up to the latest release, I wonder, what else is there to get? What if I told you there was a particular Mami figure limited to only 800 pieces worldwide, price starting north of 20,000 Yen and offered as an exclusive for Wonfes Summer 2014?

That is exactly what I'm saving up for at the moment. What is it? It's Medicom's Real Action Heroes MGM Tomoe Mami School Uniform Version. Standing at a massive 1/6 scale, the Real Action Heroes (RAH for short) MGM series are a collection of doll-figure hybrids and Mami is no different standing 270 mm tall. Normally, I'm not a big fan of dolls but, Medicom's RAH strikes me as an exception. 

They merge the best of both worlds making a rather unique product. Incorporating the size and real fabric outfits aspect of dolls and merging it with the anime-style proportions and expressions make for a very good blend indeed!

If you're wondering how this particular Mami figure flew under my radar, the short story is, it didn't. Back when I was still establishing my Mami collection, other Mami figures took priority namely over the matter of cost. A 3,000 Yen Figma and a 20,000 MGM both of Mami in school uniform are is a pretty stark contrast. Hence, it's understandable (not least budget wise) to have gone with the Figma.

Over time, my Mami collection began to plateau as one by one every single one was collected. I eventually came around to taking a look at the MGM Mami(s). Plural because there are actually two, #610 and #672 with them being the Magical Girl and School Girl versions respectively. Taking a closer look, I began to discover many things I had overlooked the first time.

For starters, they had Bebe included. Bebe! That was it, I was ready to put my money down there and then. A Mami and Bebe combo is just too much of a must have!

Jokes aside, just by looking at the pictures, I could observe the outstanding degree of quality and craftsmanship in the MGM figures. By using actual fabric for the clothes, there aren't any notable joints like you usually do have on Figma figures. That in itself, was a massive plus for me. Not to mention, Mami's outfit also fit her so well it didn't look tacky or cheap in any way. 

Even the finer details wasn't left out, just look at the sculpt and painting for Bebe.

In traditional figure fashion, there's also the option to change expressions too. Mami comes with three, a resolute looking one above;

Her usual calm neutral smile;
And a delighted tea-time Mami. They're all super lovely and what's more the big red ribbon looks really cute as well!
Not forgetting, there's her usual accessories like her Soul Gem, school bag and, let's not forget, tea cup and pot. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on mine but, it wouldn't be anytime too soon as I'll still need to be saving up. That many zeros takes some time to save up to. Then after that, move onto the Magical Girl version?

Well, that's all for today's little rant about my figure collection. Thanks for reading! Until then, have a great day and coming weekend everyone!


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