FuRyu Wo Class Gallery

I mentioned I'd be featuring something Kancolle related this week, wouldn't I? Instead of any of the usual Fleet Girls, we have one of the more popular members from their enemies, the Abyssal Fleet, Wo-Class Carrier. Instead of the usual cutesy Wo that fan-arts depict, here we have a serious version manufactured by FuRyu, cloak, staff, headpiece and all.

Released May 2015, this is one of the newest prize figures for the Kantai Collection series. After all the previous ones being Fleet Girls, it would only make sense for them to transition over to the members of the Abyssal Fleet. Standing roughly 180 mm (6.63 inches) tall, Wo-Class stands roughly the same height as most prize scale figures. Although, the headpiece and large cloak really do add to her presence.

FuRyu has garnered quite a reputation for making prize figures by now and a good reputation at it. Wo-Class may not have a large color pallet aside from the black on gray color scheme but, FuRyu does a good job of reproducing and in a nice matte finish too.

Detailing and sculpt are pretty spot on too. Wo's slender figure is nicely sculpted and the detailing on the headpiece is pretty good too. From the appendages and cannons to the cracked-like surface of the headpiece, they're all nicely detailed.
Wo's cape is really big and it adds tonnes of presence to an otherwise slender figure. I really like the cape aspect especially the waviness done to make it emulate actual cloth. Perhaps one of my favorite part of this figure.

Wo's eyes are a light aquamarine color and they're pretty dazzling to look at especially considering she has white pupils. There's no glowing effect like the game's illustration but, it would've been even cooler if it did.

FuRyu also made sure to include Wo's staff, a simple but, necessary addition. With one hand on the cape and the other on her staff, Wo sure makes here presence known.
While it may be impractical for a seafaring ship to have high heels, it sure looks good on the figure. The molded base which fits around her high heel shoes also provide solid stable support. No worries about it toppling over due to being top heavy then.
And there we have it, a quick look at FuRyu's Wo-Class Carrier figure. They're out now, selling like hot cakes and at a reasonable price too. Worth getting? Definitely, if you're a Kancolle fan and a supporter of the opposite camp.

That's all for now, I'll be away for the weekend hence, there may not be any new content. I might try to schedule some content but, no guarantees. Until then, have a great week everyone!


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