Super Sonico Chatting Time Version Review

Let's Review: Super Sonico Chatting Time Version 

To think the last time I posted a review was close to a month ago, just goes to show how busy I've been this past month. Either way, I'm glad to be back here and now with a new review! Today we'll be taking a look at another one of FuRyu's adorable Sonico prize figures. Last time we had Sonico picking out her wardrobe for the day and today we have Nico-chan on the phone. Who's on the other end of the line? Who knows? It could be Fuuri-chan, Suzu-chan or perhaps someone else special.

What we do know is some basic information about this lovely Sonico figurine. As I've mentioned earlier, this particular Sonico figure is manufactured by FuRyu as part of Sonico's Lifestyle Total Coverage series. Generally depicting Sonico carrying out various activities of daily living, this addition to the series came in May 2014. Because she is sitting down, the whole figure is only 140 mm (5.5 inches) tall but, makes up for it with a notable increased width. Available either from arcades or most hobby shops, this particular Sonico figure is easily recognizable and still widely available in the market today.

Front View
Moving onto the review, let's cover a few bases before we move into the details. Starting with the front, back and side views to give you an overall idea of how this particular Sonico figure looks. From the front, we can see Sonico seems to be absorbed in her phone call. Must be something important.
Rear View
Sonico's flowing pink locks are present again in full flowing fashion, it's as if they're an independent organism on their own.
Left Side View
Sonico grabs of her favorite green teddy in her left arm;
Right Side View
And the phone in her right. Her left hand holds onto the phone's cord, a really nice touch to the pose!
Aside from her one-piece sweater, Sonico isn't wearing much else. I wonder if she always dresses like this when in the comforts of her own home?
In terms of facial details, the first thing which came to me was "those eyes are huge!". While I didn't take any actual measurements, they certainly appear larger than usual. Nevertheless, Sonico's expression is still really cute and look good from all angles.
The decals for the eyes have a gloss finish and are applied fairly well, They can a little too shiny under bright light and look a little out of place. Under most circumstances though, it is just fine.
While the fringe tends to be a problem with FuRyu's Sonico prize figures, things are actually rather good on this particular one. The tips may still be too rounded but, the fringe isn't clumpy and the sculpt actually looks pretty good!

Here's a closeup of Sonico's green teddy. I never quite understood why it has an eye-patch or bears fangs. I suppose those must be charm points that Sonico likes about it.

Towards the right, there's the titular telephone that Sonico has in her right hand. While it isn't removable, the entire telephone is a separate cast on its own. This means there aren't any unsightly paint spillages on Sonico's hand. Aside from having a nicer finish, the telephone cord is actually a flexible wire which extends all the way from the handle;

Down to the main unit itself. 
Because the wire is flexible, the telephone's main housing can be moved about and placed wherever one desires granted it is within the reach of the wire.

Keep in mind that the free range of movement is rather limited as the wire itself is pretty short. Still, a very nice touch by FuRyu to include a flexible wire rather than a fixed one. This way, you wouldn't have to worry about the thin wire snapping.
I forgot to mention, the green teddy is also casted separately before being glued in place. It's all done very neatly without any noticeable glue marks or paint transfers. Let's not forget, this is a prize figure.

Let's not forget Sonico's long wavy hair. The sculpt for the hair sure looks lovely and it isn't overdone too. Because she's sitting down, it would make sense for her locks to not fly about too much after all.

Can't ever mention Sonico without talking about her ever-present headphones. For this figure, they're appropriately sized with an average yet acceptable silver and black finish. No manufacturing defects of any sorts and the finish is nice and smooth. On a completely unrelated not, I wonder if Sonico has trouble hearing the individual on the other end of the telephone with the earpiece being so far away.
The omission of a base is replaced with a rather comfy looking beige pillow. A welcome departure from the usual plain white base especially considering the pillow is really well sculpted. There are creases and folds where you expect them to be and it is even finished with tonal differences. Neat!

Pastel colors always work astonishingly well with Sonico especially since she has pink hair. As such, it isn't uncommon to see Sonico being paired with a lovely pastel colored outfit and this figure is no different. 

Dressed in a lilac knitted one-piece sweater, the whole outfit looks really sweet and fits Sonico perfectly. The knitting details is an additional plus point!

Other little details aren't left out too! Each and every finger nail is painted a matching pink color. For such a small surface area, they sure are painted on with much precision.

How are her legs? You can be the judge of that. Rest assured though, they're still plenty long and well sculpted. Each individual toenail is painted pink too!

Here's a shot to give you an idea of exactly how long Sonico's sweater is. 

With an outfit like this, you can bet that Sonico would be bearing plenty of cleavage. To which she is in ample amounts.
Have I covered all the bases? Detailing, coloring, sculpt and finish, they're all remarkably well done especially when taking into consideration that this is a prize figure.

With prize figures, I usually allow some degree of leeway in quality but, this particular Sonico figure did not disappoint. What more with the adorable choice of outfit and pose just makes it all the more special. It's a known fact that I'm not too keen on scantily clad Sonico figures so, there may be some personal bias here.

Nevertheless, I'd be hard pressed to find someone who disapproves of this pose and outfit combination, what more a Sonico fan?
As such, the Chatting Time version Sonico comes off as one of the prize figures that I highly recommend. If you're planning to add this to your collection, do it. They're still fairly easy to find and can be had for a steal (1000-2000 Yen). Wait any longer and you might risk missing out on it.

With that final statement, ends my review for this highly recommended figure. It's been a lot of fun to be able to go back to doing figure reviews and I hope to bring you more like this in the future! For now, the 360 view will be up tomorrow followed by even more content in the following week.

Until then, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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