Tomoe Mami Maiko Version Arrived!

If you've been following any of the Madoka Magica figures, you'd know one of the more recent and high profile addition to the series of figures is Aniplex's Maiko version. The latest addition to the series, Mami (!!!) was officially released this month.

A cardboard box straight from Aniplex earlier this month made me a very happy person indeed as I've been looking forward to this Mami figure for half a year when I first made my pre-order in January.

Next to Bath Towel version Mami, this has to be one of my more expensive and exclusive Mami figures in my collection. Aniplex only distributes this via pre-orders and I'm unsure if there are any vendors selling it off the shelves. A quick peek at Mandarake shows a few and they're fairly well priced too. Although, they seem to fly off the shelves pretty quickly. If you're planning to get your hand on one, I suggest you do it soon before not just the price skyrockets but, availability dwindle too. 

Still in paper wrapping? That's right! I've no intention of opening it, not till I get my custom glass display shelf specially for this Maiko figure. As such, a review may not come so soon. Fear not though, as other Mami figure reviews would definitely fill that void!

That's all for now and if you're wondering, aren't I supposed to be on hiatus? These are just scheduled posts I made ahead of time to prevent Tiro Finale from going into long inactivity. Until then, have a great day and week ahead everyone!


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