Tiro Finale is Back (featuring GSC 1/8 Tomoe Mami)!

After a week's hiatus, Tiro Finale is back! And what better way to mark the occasion then with one of the best Mami figures out there in the market today? If you're a Madoka Magica fan, you'd immediately notice that it's Good Smile Company's 1/8 Tomoe Mami figure. A must have for any Mami fan, I consider this one of the few perfect 10 Mami figures and this also happens to be my first Mami figure.

While it cost me a fortune when I first purchased it, I've since come to purchase more expensive Mami figures. Although, this still remain one of my absolute favorites. There's absolutely nothing bad to say about it and the figure perfectly captures both Ume Aoki's original illustration and Mami's lovely proportions.
As a figure in itself, it is relatively simple. Standing 1/8 in scale over a clear orange base, Mami's two percussion locked muskets can be removed for an open hand pose. Be warned, it is rather stiff though making switching parts rather tricky. Aside from that simple part swap, that's pretty much it. There's not even her unlimited musket works like the Ichiban Kuji B Prize figure depicts.

Therein lies the beauty to this figure, its simplicity. It captures Mami's character perfectly. Everything from her neutral smile, gentle eyes and pose encompasses Mami in whole.

After all this is the first Mami figure in my collection, why not post up a review and what took me so long to finally snap a few shots? For starters, I have avoided writing a review for the 1/8 GSC Mami figure because I always had this irrational fear that my photography skills would never be good enough to capture the complete beauty that is this Mami figure. Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, I have absolutely nothing bad to comment about this figure. There's not even a head seam! That would make for rather boring reading.

Nevertheless, I am open to the idea of taking a couple more shots in the future especially seeing as to just how detailed this figure is!
Well, that's all for now. A quick update, letting you know I'm back accompanied by some shots of one my favorite Mami figures. You don't have to wait for my review to get a recommendation for this figure. Just get it! They're getting rarer and rarer. With that, the prices are hiking up even further.

New material should be coming tomorrow and, fingers crossed, a new review should be up this week. Although, I haven't decided which yet. Until then, it is good to be back and have a great week everyone!


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