Thank You Tsuburaya Eiji!

In commemoration of Tsuburaya Eiji's 114th birthday, the co-creator of the Godzilla series and the creator of Ultraman, I present a gallery of the Kaiju Knifehead from Pacific Rim!
While it isn't exactly part of any of Eiji-san's creation, Knifehead's origins in Pacific Rim is without a doubt Del Toro's and the 21st century's biggest love letter for the Kaiju genre.

Without what he did, the very notion of grown man dressed in rubber suits and acting in film would have a very different connotation of what it has today.

To think, that all of this began 5 decades ago gives you an idea of how much the whole genre has gone through. While it may not be at the height of its popularity as it was back then, the whole Kaiju and Ultraman series will hold an especially prominent part of me. After all, I spent much of my childhood watching these and, no, I'm not that old.
While Knifehead may be a kaiju created in, for and by the 21st century generation of filmmakers, it isn't any more ambitious that the original crop. Just because you had to fit a man in a rubber suit didn't limit their imagination of design one bit.
In case, you're still wondering where the name Knifehead came from just refer to the picture above.
It's not called that just because of the look either, Knifehead's sharp ended nose is able to slice a Jaeger clean in half. 

What's more Knifehead has 6 eyes and a wicked purple tongue!
Don't expect to sneak up on Knifehead with its 6 eyes. Although, I'm not sure what that purple tongue is for. Must be all the residual toxic Kaiju blood.
 Aside from that, Knifehead has two huge arms each with three really sharp claws!

You thought the front two arms were the main ones? Nope, those are just sub-arms for more minute task while the main arms go in for the kill.

Well, this has been a fun little segment to do. Well, now there's more that you know about me. Aside from Mami, Love Live and Sonico; Kaiju(s) and Giant Robots also take up a large portion of my interest.

That's all for now, new reviews should be up as usual this week. Until then, have a great week everyone!


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