Ichiban Kuji Kyun-Chara Tomoe Mami Review

Let's Review: Kyun-Chara Tomoe Mami

After such a long time, it is finally Mami time! You can't call a review blog "Tiro Finale" without focusing on the very character who created and uses the move now can you? With all other reviews aside, I can finally make time for my recently acquired Kyun-Chara Mami. My first and only, Kyun-Chara Mami figurine, this is one that I've been wanting to get my hands on ever since the its announcement. True, it may just be a J prize (the lowest possible) from the most recent Madoka Magica Ichiban Kuji but, the pose with Bebe/Charlotte is so cute I just needed it to be a priority for my collection.

Gushing aside, let's get on with some basic information about this Kyun-Chara figurine. As you've most probably gathered, this is the J Prize from Banpresto's most recent Madoka Magica Ichiban Kuji for the Rebellion film. Being a J prize means your odds of getting one is rather high (I got mine on the first try). Still, even if you do get a J prize lottery, there's only a 25% chance of getting Mami as there are 3 other options available out of the total 4 available J prizes, all 3 being Homura in different guises (black dress, school uniform and devil form). I know many would have wanted Homura but, Mami was definitely the jackpot for me! Getting back on track, Mami stands approximately 100 mm (3.9 inches) tall and comes with a stand, base and Bebe included.

Alright, with all that info aside, onto the review!

Front View
The pose is a rather simple one, it has Mami in her school uniform holding Bebe in her arms. Simple is good here as the two of them just look so adorable together, striking a definite tick in the "Cute" department.

Rear View
From the rear, like most every other Kyun-Chara figurine, there's a stand which helps mount the figurine firmly onto the base an prevent it from falling off. While many Kyun-Chara figurines can omit this feature, Mami cannot as there is only one peg on the base which mounts to her feet.
Rear View (without stand)
While Mami is able to stand upright just fine with the stand removed, any attempts to move her would have cost her to fall down. The single peg on the base is just not strong enough to support the entire figurine. While it would've been nice to have two pegs, looking at Mami's pose for her feet, you can see why Banpresto could only include one peg. While the PVC used is rather soft, I would not risk Mami falling off anytime soon hence, stand to the rescue!

Left View
Bebe isn't removable but she does sit snugly in Mami's hands. While it appears to be glued on, signs of that are not too obvious and Bebe really looks like she is being held up by Mami. I wonder how much Bebe weighs?
Right View
For the most part, the stand stays well out of a sight unless you look from the sides. Since Mami stands firmly upright, it helps occlude the stand. That aside, from the side you can also notice other well thought out details. One of them is how well Mami's hair tucks into the nape of her neck. It looks really neat and the wavy border reminds you that it is Mami's blond locks rather than a hard block of PVC.

Taking a look up close, Mami's facial expression is done perfectly. Her slight smile, light blush and gentle eyes all just look too cute! The eyes definitely stand out the most and help complement the whole figurine very nicely. Not only do the colours pop out, the characteristic "sketchy" look Ume Aoki illustrates her character's eyes with are also present. That's attention to detail right there!

One of the nitpick points I always have with any Mami figure, is her hairpiece. While to most, it would just be a simple ornament, for Mami it is an especially important feature! For the hairpiece is also the location of Mami's Soul Gem when she transforms into a magical girl. Hence, the reason I pay extra attention to how each figure presents this little detail.

For this Kyun-Chara, I'm happy to report that the hairpiece is a clear pass. The casting is smooth and clean, details are nicely reproduced and most importantly the size is just right so as to not mess up the whole proportion of the figurine. Top points!

Mami and Bebe look so perfect together wouldn't you agree?
On the topic of proportions, it would be unwise not to discuss Bebe as well. Aside from serving as a perfect companion to Mami, she is also very well scaled. It is quite funny too as Bebe actually retains most of her original proportions while Mami is in her "chibi" form. Yet, they still look really nice together.
There's a clear demarcation between Mami's fringe and her forehead. We see many figurines have this nowadays and that's very important to produce that illusion of dimension.
How's the detailing then? Outstanding. That's one word I can use to describe it. Just take a look at the little bows at the back of her uniform and shoes. Then there's the red accent lining her blouse and the white pattern on the skirt. The pictures may not show it but, when you see how small the actual figure is, such details are thoroughly impressive.

Bebe Closeup
This is as close as I could get to Bebe while still allowing the lens to focus. If you though the figurine was small, wait till you take a look at Bebe. She is downright tiny and the level of detail and painting of it is super impressive as well!
The red polka dots, black buttons, black stripes at the end of her over-length sleeves, all of these details are faithfully reproduced and look great.

The two just look too adorable together, I couldn't help but take more photos of them in the same frame.
Does Mami's bust look a little smaller? Maybe it is to make space for Bebe.

Not that it matters.

What would Mami be without her signature twin "drills"? Well, maybe just Mami, with her hair down. Just like every one of Mami's other signature features, this figure does not disappoint here as well with her curls looking just right. They're not too big neither are they too small and the width to is just right.
The base is done in a gloss black finish with a nice floral motif surrounding the circumference with, presumably, a cheesecake in connecting two ends of the motif.

Cheese = Bebe, Cake = Mami, hence, Cheesecake = Mami & Bebe?
Well, this far down the review, is there anything I've missed out so far? I've mentioned detailing, sculpting and painting which are all more than satisfactory. What about coloring then? While I've always preferred a more "original" blond hair look that Mami has, the more yellow colour that this Kyun-Chara has is fine too. The colour gradient effect too is very nice.

Head seam? Yeap, Mami has it too. Goes all the ways from the right...

All the way to the left. No hiding this one.
Top down shot anyone?

Here's a couple of shots to show off the detailing of Mami's uniform. Bebe may be in the way but, that huge red ribbon is still there and the white pattern on the skirts is applied nicely throughout.

Check out the gold detailing on the shoe buckle!
Thin red accents throughout the uniform? No problem. All painted neatly and uniformly.

The same level of detail extends all the way to the back. Impressive huh?
I always love Bebe's various quirky facial expressions.
Behind that lovely smile, lies a wicked marksman. Don't be fooled!

Such radiance!
It may have been a little bias but, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this Mami figure! Every step of the way from the planning, photo shot to the actual writing of the review has been a blast and I'm glad to have been able to share it with you. This may be one of the cheaper Kyun-Chara Mami(s) out there in the market but, I think it is worth every Yen. Detailing, sculpting, colours and painting are all top notch and the cute factor is just through the roof.  A must have for any Mami-fan.

Well, that wraps up this review and I hope it has been every bit as helpful as I can be. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to drop a comment and I'll answer it as soon as I can. Until then, look out for the next Mami review and have a great weekend!


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