Great Mami Sketches

Early today morning, before my classes started, I decided to browse Pixiv for a bit and stumbled upon some really well drawn Mami sketches. So, I did what everyone would, source the original artist.

To which I stumbled upon even more great sketches of Mami from said artist's works. The artist goes by the name of ぼたもち (botamochi) and you can find a link of the works here. I highly recommend you do because just like the sweet that the artist's name takes after, the drawings too are really sweet!

I just love the pencil sketch style with the soft color tones, they look really good. Besides, Mami there are other illustrations as well, such as that of the other Magica Quartet and Love Live characters.

Mami with her hair down? Too cute!
Well, that's all for today. Do check out the link as I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed and I'll make sure to share any great finds in the future as well. Until then, have a great day every one!

Bonus Image

Heheh, there's a really cute one of Nozomi too!


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