A New Event Announced!

A new event has been announced for School Idol Festival and, as expected, it is the School Idol Diary entry for Rin-chan. The event will run from 13th-22nd of October making it a 10 day event. That's plenty of time to comfortably rank for a new SR Rin plus some extra scouting tickets too.

So far, School Idol Diary events have been my favorite regardless of which character is involved. Having a 5-part story with a some-what progression system really adds depth to the event. The SR Rin in question is a Smile card with a Score Up skill. Nothing too amazing in my opinion but, an SR to the team is always welcome.

That's all about tomorrow's upcoming event, for those who are planning to tier for the event, I wish you the best of luck nya~ And a quick update on Yamato, the detailed coverage was supposed to be up yesterday but, due to time constraints I was unable to. This unfortunately leaves Yamato on the back burner for the next month as I do not currently have it with me at this moment.

Worry not, as I'll make sure to keep a steady flow of content into Tiro Finale starting with Rin's "Under the Starry Sky" diary entry. Until then, stay safe and have a great day everyone!


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