Another Rubber Strap from the Collection

Yet another busy day for me and a pretty uneventful one for me in terms of hobbies. Yet, that's no excuse not to keep Tiro Finale updated with new content everyday. Since I've had a really busy week, which has yet to end, the usual long content updates will be on hold. 

Instead, what I'd like to do is share a few tidbits from my collection. Earlier in the week, I showcased my still sealed Nozomi Miko strap. Today, we have ALO Leafa from one of the recent SAO Ichiban Kuji (I can't remember which).
What I always found funny about this Kyun Chara strap is that Leafa seems to be struggling while holding her breath while all the others in this strap collection seem to have no problem breathing underwater. It's really cute!

There you have it, yet another one of the straps in my unused collection. I'd like to use it but, can't seem to find a suitable place for it as of yet. Hopefully one day I will. Until then, thanks for reading and once again have a fantastic day ahead!


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