Third Year Scouting Appears

My prayers have finally been answered! Well, sort off, at the very least. Now in the last 3 days of Score Match 13, a new limited time scouting has appeared and to my surprise, it was the Third-Years! You could imaging my joy after having waited for a suitable time to spend my hard earned 144 Love Gems. 
Without a moment to lose, I immediately went for it. Hoping for the best but, at the same time, knowing the odds were always going to be very slim.
Moment of truth! This was the first 10+1 draw and also the first time I've seen the golden scouting box.
And, yeap... 9 Rares and 1 Super Rare.
That one and only Super Rare was the Apple Candy and You Eli. While it is no Nozomi, I'm really glad it wasn't Nico either. I guess you can say Eli sits nicely in the middle ground and her dressed in a yukata looks so demure too! I was just really hoping for more than one SR cards to draw out. But, oh well...
To be honest, the draw wasn't entirely that bad for me. My Pure team had always been my weakest link and having an SR Pure Eli to lead the group now bring plenty of momentum forward in getting S Scores. Not only that, many of the Rare(s) I had gotten were immediately idolized into members I haven't yet had but, had wanted for some while now.

They are, Nozomi and Eli in the outfit from Bokura wa Ima no Naka De! Both cards that I've wanted for a while now next to the Dancing Stars on Me outfitted cards. At the end of the day, while the draw wasn't perfect, it wasn't too bad off either.

Which leave me with a dilemma. Now standing at exactly 94 Love Gems and 4 Blue Scouting Tickets, I have enough to make one more 10+1 Draw which will then net me one extra Blue Scouting Ticket. That extra Blue Scouting Ticket allows me to make my first 80/20 Scout where I have an 80% chance of getting a SR and 20% chance of UR.

At the same time though, I currently have way to many members in my collection to manage. Everything from N to R require plenty of practice and I just can't feasibly accommodate 20 new members with such a limited inventory space. Not only that, rushing these cards in such a short span of time would also make the game feel much less fun as the "hunting" factor then seems to wane. 

I have considered doing another 10+1 draw and saving the 80/20 draw for another time but, with another impending UR Hanayo coming soon. I'm very much in favor of waiting for another Third Year Scouting in the future. Who knows? Maybe next time, I'll get lucky.

In the meantime, I'll be saving up my Love Gems and also preparing for the next Nozomi event where I'm going to try and rank in Tier 2. Until then, thanks for reading my little rant till the end and have a fantastic day everyone!


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