Photo of the Day: Mami & Sonico

Sonico Performs as Mami & Bebe Looks On
I wasn't sure what to post today and decided a mixed section would be nice. Starting with a photo of my two adorable Kyun-Chara figures. I've had both Sonico and Mami in this position for a while by accident and hadn't realized that it actually looks like Mami & Bebe are observing Sonico play her electric guitar. Especially Bebe's eyes! 

I thought it would be a really cute picture to take. I hope you think so too.

Aside from that, just as I was about to update today, I noticed that I had 8888 views thus far. This must be lucky day! If you're wondering why, that's because 8 is considered to be a lucky number in Asian cultures especially the Chinese and to some extent the Japanese too. Wikipedia's helpful reference. 

Lastly, Good Smile Company has announced a new addition to their Girls und Panzer series of merchandise. This time it's the Nendoroid More Petit version of Ankou(anglerfish)-Team's Panzer IV as well as each individual member of the team. If the Figma was too out of reach for you, either because of price or size, this one fits in perfectly. Releasing in November 2015, this rag tag team will cost you 7,407 Yen. Why the 7 Yen I wonder?

Will I get it? Maybe. I haven't decided yet but, I am fairly tempted too. Either way, that's all for today. Once again, thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update on Tiro Finale. Until then, have a great day and coming weekend!


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