Lucky Day!

Having a lighter day today means that I can finally put some time into playing the ongoing Rin School Idol Diary event. Unfortunately, I realized that my Smile team wasn't strong enough to consistently get an S Score with the new event song, Koi no Signal Rin Rin. Trying my luck out, I decided to do a 10 member Friendship Scout. Out of the box, I only drew 1 Rare but, one Normal card was converted into a Rare! Luckily enough, both were Smile Rin(s) and despite just being Rare(s), were much needed addition to my Smile team.

Getting 2 Rare Rin cards during a Rin event? That's the kind of luck only Nozomi has. Speaking of which, later in the day, I decided to do another draw. Initially yielding all 10 Normal cards, I skipped the animation only to be extremely surprised to find one Rare card after. One Normal card had converted into a Rare! Twice in one day, what are the odds?
What was it? Nozomi of course! How apt considering I was having such a lucky day. The best part is, I hadn't collected this Rare Smile Nozomi before and her stats for an unidolized card is impressive to say the least.  

I'm still coming to grips with the event song and messing up my combo here and there does make me fall short of getting an S score still. I'm hoping this new Nozomi (replacing my other idolized R Eli) would help cover for it. I've yet to field it but, I have high hopes.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is another busy day and finding time to play would be rather tricky. Fortunately, I do have 6 hours in between charging LP. Until then, hope you've had a lucky day yourself too!


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