Nendoroid Celty Sturluson Box

Originally having arrived in late August, it isn't until one month and a little bit more later than I managed to get my hands on this here Nendoroid Celty. Why? Well, let's just say there was some delivery issues. So, from the outside, what does the first Nendoroid from Durara have to offer besides the Dulahan Celty herself?

For starters, a really simple and clean box design. Designated No. 513, the entire front fascia of the box is white with Celty's helmet yellow as the alternate font color. From the clear window, you can see Celty, her motorcycle and a really big scythe! I'm a big fan of that scythe all right.
Moving to the back, the color scheme shift to black. Which makes sense considering Celty's signature color is black and yellow. As with every other Nendoroid, there are several illustration of the possible poses and extra parts.

Celty looks so funny riding the tiny motorcycle. I think I'll likely pose it with the motorcycle by the side and scythe in hand, that will look much less comical. Before I forget, this is actually my first figure from the Durara series hence, my contribution to another series that I love. I hope they keep making more of it!

As part of pre-ordering from GSC's online store, is a bonus head part. The helmet can ordinarily be replaced with the headless "smoke" effect part. With this bonus, that "smoke" is heart shaped. You know the expression Celty makes when she's all lovey-dovey.

And, that's all really. Just wanted to provide a quick coverage on the latest addition to my figure collection. Although, there's another which just arrived not too long ago and this one's a big one. I'll let you find out in due time.

On a side note, Score Match 13 on School Idol Festival has ended. Cruising through without having to resort to any Love Gems, I managed to finish a cool 11, 729th position netting me not just SR Hanayo but, also Scouting Tickets. Awesome!

That marks the end of today's post, thanks so much for reading. Until then, have a great day everyone!


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