Score Match Round 14

Score Match Round 14 has started! Marking a new event for School Idol Festival, this time with Eli being the center of it all. While I've been relatively passive in the past few events settling for the un-idolized SR rewards, I've decided to tier for this particular event. Why? After all, the skill and stats for this particular SR isn't that good/high either. Plus, I'm not hankering for a new Smile SR anytime too soon. My current team is already pretty stable.
The answer of course lies in the card itself. This particular Eli SR known as the Craftwork Version looks absolutely stunning in idolized form. Not to mention, Eli is one of my favorite Muse members next to Nozomi. While I did plan to skip out on the idolized form initially, aiming to tier for this would be pretty fun too as I'm sure many would be contending for this card too.
Along with the event came a whole new set of limited time scouting. Starting with an all Pure scouting. If you remember, the last time I scouted was for the Third Years. With the next event being a Pure Song Token Event, I badly needed to bolster my Pure team.

Jun'ai Lens is the event song in question for Nozomi's upcoming School Idol Diary entry. After some research, I discovered the song does require a rather proficient Pure team in order to score S consistently on Hard Difficulty.

So, I decided to put aside 50 hard-earned Love Gems to try my luck and make a draw.
With the cards being pulled out of the golden box, I was initially greeted by an SR envelope followed by a slew of pink (R) ones. Looks like I won't be getting that first UR today I though. Hoping that one of the envelopes would switch, even to an SR...

The draw remained the same though and I finished with 10 Rares and 1 Super Rare. While I do feel a little bummed out, that's what to expect from an 10+1 Draw most of the times. It isn't bad, just very very normal. On the bright-side though, I do get a whole host of new Rare Pure cards that I've badly needed for a while now.

Friendship Scouting just wasn't going to cut it as the odds were too low and I kept drawing Smile and Cool Rares. First up of the new idolized Rare card is Kotori, I have to say the green background matches her nicely.
Then, there was Nico. Oh, Nico Nico Ni. Can you believe I drew 4 of this identical Rare cards? Not to mention, I already have one in my collection. No matter, a Rare is still a Rare. Although, I have been drawing a lot of Rare Nico cards as of late.
Next up is Eli! I always like how classy and composed she looks in all her cards. I already had one Rare and scouting this new one enabled me to idolize this one. Three new idolized Rare cards in one draw, I guess you can say I was pretty lucky in that sense.

Last but, certainly not least, is SR Umi. I'm not a big fan of Umi really and I do find this SR card's design to be rather plain but, it is very formidable stat wise. With the addition of Umi, that makes it 2 SR cards in my Pure team. I can't wait for idolized SR Nozomi to take the center!  

With another 10+1 draw done, I now had enough Blue Coupons to do an SR/UR Scout although, I am going to delay that for a long while. Why? Number 1, I need to focus on building up this current Pure team (most of them are Level 1). Number 2, when Eli comes in, that's another 80 levels to work at. I just don't have the credits to manage so many members at once. 

Well that will be all for today's coverage of School Idol Festival. Once again, thanks for reading. Until the next installment, see you soon and have a nice day!


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