SR Hanayo has Arrived!

Now in the eight day of Score Match 13, I have finally earned enough points to get myself SR Hanayo! 25,000 points to be exact and because of the lengthy nature of this current Score Match, I managed to obtain Hanayo without having to spend a single Love Gem. Instead, I even earned some from the rewards you obtain by racking up a certain score along the way.
The illustration of the card is certainly very cute even in unidolized form. I won't be aiming to Tier very high in this particular event so, Hanayo will like remain as such for the conceivable future. That's not too bad though as, out of the box, she has rather high Cool stats and a Perfect Lock skill too. Definitely a worthy addition to my lineup.

The next event is Rin's entry for the School Idol Diary and features Rin in a cat outfit (for both the normal and idolized version) with a Score Boost skill. I'm not particularly fond of the illustration but, a new SR for the Smile team would definitely be a fantastic addition. 

Well, looks like I'm starting to get really engaged in School Idol Festival and luckily in the EN version, I can read up on the future events and plan accordingly. That's all for today, thanks again so much for reading. Until then, have a great day ahead everyone!


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