Doomfist Is Great

Doomfist is balanced. Yes, he is. No, your saltiness doesn't matter.

Most people think Doomfist is overpowered. He's powerful for sure and in the lore, he's definitely more suited as the optional boss. But no, he isn't overpowered in terms of gameplay. He's fast, mobile, strong, tanky and annoying but they all blend together neatly; more so than I can say for other heroes. *coughJunkratcough*

Doomfist isn't a name, it's a title. You play the dude on the right.

Doomfist stacks shields on himself every time he lands an ability on an opponent, up to a maximum of a 150 shield value. You can maintain this as long as you keep nailing your skills but it deteriorates over time as well. He has abilities that send him forwards, upwards, across the air and provides him with global teleportation. They all have relatively low cooldowns (except the ultimate) and are usually used in conjunction with one another or in rapid succession. He has a normal fire with four rounds chambered which does quite a bit of damage but can't be reloaded manually (it reloads over time).

You can kill opponents easily with just his regular rocket punch skill as long as you snag them against a wall as that does extra damage. This is the usual way to play Doomfist. You maneuver around with your other skills and do some bits of damage with your normal fire. But, whenever you can, you charge a rocket punch and you kill the weak puppies (assuming you can aim properly).

I call him the 'offense killer' as he can easily kill anyone with 250HP or less. Meaning, everyone but tanks. But, offense in particular because of his playstyle. He's similar to Genji but more chaotic. Also, considering the fact that you can insta-kill most heroes, it's better to utilise your skills on offense heroes to give space for your team to take out the healers. It is easier for you to kill their offensive heroes than it is for your other offensive allies. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't attack healers. If the enemy Mercy can revive, just take her out first!

His ultimate does decent damage but you'd declare the fall beforehand to the enemy team (through a red indicator) and usually, if they hear you leap, they'd be in constant movement anyway. Doomfist combos well with Reinhardt and Zarya in this regard but know that even with your ultimate, you can't easily kill tanks.

Take our Tracer with ease! Except, not like in the animation.

Actually, Doomfist isn't good with tanks at all. Your skills all put you within melee range, which is quite beneficial for characters like Dva and Reinhardt while you lack any sort of range attacks to pressure them. I usually play Doomfist as a chaos inducer while focusing on eliminating any consistently offensive heroes like Soldier or Reaper. You can also easily take out annoying peeps like Mei and Junkrat if necessary. If I see tanks, I usually just keep my distance. There's really no point going in against them. You can't escape as easily as Genji or Tracer. Leave them to it.

You're also good food for snipers because of your airtime. You may be mobile but snipers can pick you off easily from the air. And if you carelessly throw yourself up, you'd be dead before you know it.

I enjoy Doomfist. I somehow find myself playing him most of the time nowadays if I can't pick either Widowmaker of Hanzo. Hrm, going by this pattern, it seems as though I enjoy heroes who can insta-kill others. Huh, go figure.

Imagine if he yelled "POWER!" for every skill he uses. Ah, what could have been.


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