snwlprd's Update

Hello everyone and welcome to a quick status update on Tiro Finale! It has been slightly over a month since I went on an unscheduled hiatus with Takuya having taken the reins over at Tiro Finale since then. Keeping up with our policy of daily content updates, Takuya has done a good job of holding the fort in the place of my absence. But, all of that is about to change as, indeed, I am happy to announce that I am finally returning from hiatus!
The one month since I have stopped writing for Tiro Finale had turned out to be much tougher than I initially expected. Reading Takuya's daily updates together with the bevy of figure and Madoka Magica related news had me tempted to start writing again once more. But, unfortunately, I had much bigger commitments at hand which warranted me going on a hiatus in the first place. Fortunately, as Takuya has mentioned, I have lined up great deal of content over the next month which I hope you will look forward too. While I will not spoil the surprise, a good deal of it would cover my recent trip to Tokyo to attend Wonder Festival. That aside, there are also a host of new merchandise that I have gotten over these past two months that I am just aching to share with you on Tiro Finale. 

Most importantly, being back from the hiatus means I would be able to go back to my usual daily routine once more without having too much on my mind. That means, I would finally be able to get some proper sleep for the longest part of two months of terribly uneasy sleep. That being said, we here at Tiro Finale are still committed to delivering you high quality daily content updates. While I may be writing the majority of articles over the next month, do expect to see Lance and Takuya write a feature of two every week as well, as I am sure they would love to add their input as well. 

 With all of that sorted out, I am glad to reaffirm that I would once again be writing for Tiro Finale for the better part of today till the end of this year. Here is to hoping you will be looking forward for the articles to come! Until then, thank you so much for reading, always supporting Tiro Finale and have a wonderful day ahead!

P.S. Everything Takuya mentioned about me especially the part involving "voluptuous cat", that is all not true.


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