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Hello everyone and welcome to a special feature today on Tiro Finale! A simple question if I may, what happens when you finally amass a collection of more than 300 Nendoroids together with hundreds of accompanying figures, plush toys, tapestries and trinkets? Do you ascend to a higher level of figure collection where you are revered as an enlightened member of the society? Do you finally gain the respect and knowledge of the wise to lead the lost and misguided in the figure world? Does GSC send you a special figure to commend your loyalty?

Two Nendoroid Yudachi Kai-II because, why not?
Short answer, no. In fact, all you get besides having a lot of figures, is an ever increasing number of boxes together with a gradually widening hole in your wallet. Nevertheless, this has not stopped OG, one of our resource contributors here on Tiro Finale, from spurring on his collection of Nendoroids and more!

Not even I have all 18 Love Live Nendoroids!
Recently, I had the chance to catch up with OG and see just how far his collection has grown (out of control). Having shifted to a new place, I was told having to move every single one of the figures was an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, OG still kept every single one of his Nendoroid's original boxes which made packing a little easier. Unpacking? Not so much. 

Nesoberi Tanya makes an appearance too!
Everything had to move and this included his rather sizable collection of plush toys. Nesoberi, Hatsune Miku and Puchimas, they were all moved to a new unified area in his new unit. Some of them are still even in their plastic wrappings! If you take a look towards the left, the glass shelf holds just a sneak peek of the total number of Nendoroids installed and those are just the ones from the Kantai Collection series. 

Can you spot your favorite Nendoroid?
Over in his room, these are where his favorite Nendoroids are located. On top of it are several other boxes of Nendoroids, some new, some old, some opened, some unopened. He is still planning on a more efficient manner of sorting out his Nendoroids and this arrangement was merely a stop gap measure for the time being. 

Nadeko on the ground, Takuya would be proud.
Judging from the Nadeko which is still in its plastic wraps, you would be forgiven for thinking that OG had just recently moved and was still packing. Truth of the matter is, it had been several months since he moved! The rigmarole of having to unpack, rebuild and pose each one was perhaps too much when you have several hundred Nendoroids in your collection? I would not know, mine are still in their box. 

Some common, some rare, OG's collection truly encompasses it all. With the collection continuing to grow, the only limit is the number of Nendoroids that GSC intends on making. And judging by the recent popularity of them, GSC would not likely be slowing down anytime soon. OG once stated his intentions of slowing down his collection but, GSC's new releases constantly lure him back in for more.

These were actually the first times I have seen the Monogatari Series of Nendoroids and, despite their age, they still look really good. Perhaps it is time for me to get my own Nendoroid Hanekawa?

Speaking of Nendoroids that I wanted, I first was Galko-chan's Nendoroid over at OG's place. Curious of the origins of the character, that was when I began to watch Oshiete Galko-chan and ordered my own copy of her Nendoroid shortly after. Even if you are not a fan of the character, all the vivid colors and details, especially in Galko's eyes, will certainly impress any figure collector.

Nendoroid Albedo is another character I have been meaning to add to the collection. Here we can see her hugging a bod pillow (dakimakura) of her beloved Ainz. With Overlord getting a second season, I am confident GSC would be re-releasing her which would be a good opportunity for me to get her then. 

Let's work hard today as well!
Nendoroid Aoba is one who has already received a re-release together with the reveal of Hifumi as part of the second season of New Game. The Nendoroid itself is rather plain but, being a fairly popular show, it is not hard to see how the Nendoroid are in high demand too. 

Non Non Biyori is perhaps one of my favorite slice of life anime as is for OG. Ever since the second season ended, Renge's Nendoroid has gone up in price significantly. Meanwhile, Hotaru's Nendoroid seems to hover around retail price over at re-sellers such as Mandarake. 

How about that? All the Nendoroids of the main heroines from Nieskoi. Today, this entire collection would fetch a really steep price and even more so if they were unopened. To the best of my knowledge, this is still one of the earliest Nendoroids to have come from source material from Weekly Shonen Jump. Ever since then, all the popular shounen series have been getting Nendoroids too. 

Lastly, we have this picture of the very adorable Cu-Poche Alice from Alice in Wonderland. While this is certainly not the full extent of OG's collection, it is a careful slice of those which stood out to me the most. Rest assured, the next time I visit, I will make sure to do another documentation of his ever growing collection. With that, I hope you have enjoyed this brief look into the collection of a major figure collector. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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