Takuya’s Final Update

No, I'm not disappearing. For better or for worse, I'm still sticking around. I'm just here to tell you that snwlprd will be back tomorrow! As I've been burning through the month with articles, I'll be disappearing for a while. Not to worry though as posts have already been lined up for when snwlprd comes back! Full steam ahead!

I'm going to be trying my best to finish my JRPG backlog (Neptunia and Trails of Cold Steel) and so, expect some articles about them in the next couple of weeks (if I so choose!). These two might take a while and I might also have more Overwatch to go through but I'll certainly try to put something game related out. Not necessarily just old games. But most of the new games I want are releasing in November of this year. It's going to be a struggle for me to balance my schedule but where there's a will, there's a way.

I haven't reviewed all of my figurines on here yet so I might get some going. I did promise the Nisio Isin Exhibition Version of my Nendoroid Shinobu. So, hopefully, I can get that up soon. I might default to my upcoming KonoSuba nendoroids though! Megumin and Darkness must join Aqua after all!

I can also finally catch up on some anime since I won't have any new, hyped games I'm going to go through. I'll be completing a few shows and I might or might not talk about them. I do believe Sakura Quest should have its own post considering how much I love Shirobako. I also might do an update to the mangas I'm reading as well as the light novels I'm reading! More Monogatari goodness!

Other than that, I'd be doing as I did before. Hope you guys enjoyed August and I'll see you in a bit!


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