Tokyo Summer Haul (continued)

Hello everyone and welcome to another haul post on Tiro Finale. Today's haul post will be a continuation of our previous Tokyo Summer Haul as I had absent-mindedly missed out on a few other little trinkets and one not so little trinket in my previous photo shoot. If you were wondering why the previous haul seemed to have a lack of Mami merchandise, I hope this more than makes up for it. 

Here we have to older Mami rubber straps which, if memory serves me right, dates back to the earlier Ichiban Kuji lotteries done for the Madoka Magica series. The one on the left cost me 300 Yen while, the one on the right was 100 Yen. In total, 400 Yen for 2 Mami rubber straps did not seem like such a bad deal. These little gems were found in the Male Doujin section of Mandarake Nakano, teaches you to never underestimate what you might find!

Following the rubber straps, is another little trinket that I have had my eye on for a while, Medicom's Bearbrick Tomoe Mami. Despite seeing it pop up for sale every now and then (before selling it out rather promptly), I had always held back because of its price. Finally finding one in person at good condition in Mandarake Nakano, I finally decided to make the expensive investment. Did the fact that Bearbrick Mami was locked behind a glass shelf have anything to do with my decision making? Probably. 

The next item is a little bit of an oddity as it came neither from a hobby or electronics store. Rather, it actually came from the Kanda Shrine which I had the chance to revisit over my previous trip. This little cloth pouch came in three variants, first, second and third years. They all looked really good but, I finally decided to settle for the green third year pouch. Hopefully, I find some use for it in the future.

As for Kanda Shrine itself, that is a story for another day as my recent visit to the Tokyo-based shrine brought with it a good number of surprises. Look forward to our coverage on the Kanda Shrine in the coming days.

Production I.G. has a flagship store in Shibuya, one that is rather difficult to find unless you are specifically looking for it. While they had a whole host of exclusive merchandise in their store, I finally decided upon getting just this one clear file.

Last but, certainly not least, we have the one find that I was not expecting to ever get, Aniplex's Tomoe Mami canvas art. This particular piece retails for 4,000 Yen when first released and I had not seen a single piece on the re-seller's market. That was until I stumbled upon it in Mandarake Nakano for 2,000 Yen. While this has never been very high up on my Mami wishlist, the affordable price combined with the rarity meant that I had to add it to my collection.

With that, we come to the end of the second part of the Tokyo Summer Haul. This time, for real as our next haul will be focusing on the various items that came in on the month of August and September. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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