Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to another event coverage on Tiro Finale. Yesterday, we took a look at Chara Expo 2017 which allowed us to take a look at one of the biggest ani-manga exhibitions in Singapore. Today, we get to take a look at the flip-side of the hobby which featured mostly Western hobby interests with a sprinkling of the East. Akin to the Comic Con of Singapore, the Singapore TOys, Games & Comic Convention is now celebrating its 10th anniversary this year (2017). Without further ado, let us take a closer look at the event!

Attendees who have purchased their tickets online beforehand may collect theirs on the day itself at the Collection Booth.

For those who have not, there was a purchasing counter which allowed people to get their tickets minus the early bird discounts. 
These staff members help you put on the wristbands and make sure they are not too loose.

The yellow wristband provides you acess to the Akiba Zone (cosplay, idols and mini live stage) and GGXP (gaming and TCG).

The Akiba Zone mini stage was a little sparse at the start of the day but, it started getting more packed towards the end of the day.

Several big name cosplayers had their booths at Akiba Zone too.

Come get your signatures.

Time to take a look at the GGXP area which focused on gaming.

The STGCC had their own booth too.

A majority of these games were indie companies. 

To the side of the GGXP area, there was a large TCG section. 

Booths selling cards, toys and various other board game paraphernalia. 

Bean bag area?

The gaming section was filled with a few brands such as Asus but, they did not bring any PC hardware.

Logitech had a booth too but, it was mostly old gear. None of the new Power Play stuff that I was looking forward to.

There was a live e-sports tournament too but, it was a mobile game. One that I cannot remember the name of anymore.

The red wristband unlocks the rest of the exhibition which is what you will want to get in the first place.

Now for the Star Wars Experience Zone.

A half scale TIE Silencer.

The Singaporean Star Wars community had a pretty strong turn out to the event. 

A big emphasis of STGCC was VR and one such was the Meet BB-8 VR experience using HTC's Vive VR headset.

Some pretty cute Star Wars themed tees.
Pop figures are always popular among collectors although, I never quite understood them.

A not so subtle reminder that Thor" Ragnarok is coming to theaters soon. 

It was not just Hulk who was present, the thunder god himself, Thor was present too.

Hulk may have looked fine but, a replica Chris Hemsworth looked a little odd.

Bandai had a pretty sizable booth at the event too, showing off several of their plastic models.

A large majority of them were their online exclusive Premium Bandai model kits.

Dragon Ball plastic model kits were present too.

It was certainly interesting to have see Bandai spread its arm to Pacific Rim too.

Rather looking forward to this.

Bandai was not just there to showoff model kits, they even had a booth present to sell their exclusive merchandise.

Nice to see that Pacific Rim is finally getting some love especially with the new movie around the corner.

The Tamashii Nations booth was pretty interesting but, taking photos of the figures within it was rather difficult. 

Even they had their hand in Pacific Rim.

Ben 10?

Dakimakura(s), popular as ever.

Would you like a life-replica of Psycho Pass' Dominator?


It even moves, speaks and;

Is able to connect to your smartphone.

No comic exhibition could not go on without a main stage panel.

Artists Galore is as its name states, an area for local artists to show off their works.

The only Gashapon area found in the entire hall, a fairly healthy number of them. 

Looking for a replica Light Saber?

Walk of Fame is where fans get to lineup to meet their favorite cosplayers and take photos with them.

One of the particular highlights of the convention was certainly XM's booth which had a large number of highly detailed figures.

Ever seen the insides of a Unicorn?

Now you know.

Bandai displayed their scale Millennium Falcon with no windows between fans and the model itself.

Having spent a good number of hours at the event, it was finally time to call it a day.

Remember the mini-stage I mentioned earlier? It was now rather crowded and fans were beginning to get into the music.

Overall, STGCC was a very interesting convention. Despite not having a very vast knowledge of the Western hobby scene and initially finding the price of admission to be rather steep, I actually had a very good time and would not hesitate to return next year.

At precisely 5 o'clock, it was time for me to take my leave. With this year's event having impressed me, I am certainly looking forward to next year's event. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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