The Nesoberi Chronicles

Hello everyone and welcome to Tiro Finale for some adorable Nesoberi content! In the short time that I have been introduced to Sega's Nesoberi series of plush toys, I have become completely enamored by them especially in the humongous Mega Jumbo variants which measure more than 40 cm in length. As such, I have decided to document life with these strange adorable creatures which are only capable of lying flat on their bellies. Needless to say, the findings are rather interesting to say the least.

Here we have Tanya flanked by two plastic wrapped species of plush toys. One her left is the similarly large Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Kurosawa Dia while, the one on her right is a more proportioned plush of the donut loving Oshino Shinobu. As we can see, Tanya looks visually uncomfortable in the presence of foreign company. Fortunately for her, these foreigners were soon offloaded to its new rightful owner and fellow writer of Tiro Finale, Takuya. 

It would appear the Nesoberi craze has afflicted the entire writing staff of Tiro Finale with two other additions to the family. The Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Kunikida Hanamaru eventually went to the hands of Tiro Finale's own, Lance. Meanwhile, the equally large Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Emilia went to OG, one of our silent resource contributors hero on Tiro Finale. But, rising above them all are the trio of Tanya(s) which rule over the lesser Nesoberi with an iron fist. 

For one month, Nero briefly joined the family before being sent off to her new home in a foreign country. The present family of Nesoberi and other plush toys were sure to give her a warm welcome despite not having the luxury and comforts she may be used too of her Roman Empire. All except one Nesoberi was keen to see the addition of a new albeit temporary member to the Nesoberi family.

Indeed, the two blondes could not get along. Each insistent on proving their dominance over the area. Tanya, the permanent tenant, staked claim to her territory. While Nero believed no land could not be conquered. They eventually warmed up to each other despite their initial differences.

Have you ever wondered how Mega Jumbo Nesoberi(s) became so big especially when compared to the considerably smaller, normal sized Nesoberi? You see, they grow larger by consuming other Nesoberi. In the cruel world of Nesoberi, only the strong survive and grow to Mega Jumbo sizes.

Fortunately, I managed to intervene before the smaller Nesoberi Tanya was consumed. I am sure Mega Jumbo Nesoberi would not have been happy if she had found out that her smaller counterparts had been consumed by Nero in the pursuit of ascending her own purposes. 

Despite her proclaimed beauty and pride, Nero is surprisingly camera shy preferring to hide between Nozomi for most of the times. Nozomi, on the other hand, is no stranger to the lens of a camera owing to her history as a successful school idol. She still longs for Eli-chi to join her though. 

Aside from being camera shy, Nero also happened to be a pretty big pervert as I found out one day.

She seemed to be pretty attached to Atago, more specifically her Heavy Damage version. 

I did not think Nero would be interested in other blondes especially one who shares the same eye color as her. 

Perhaps she think it is a mirror?

After her short tenure, it was time to see Nero off and the girls were sure to send her off with a fitting farewell. Even Tanya had grown used to the company of Nero and a larger family. No worries, another member will be joining the family soon enough. 

It was now time for Nero to make the trip to another country as I ferried her along the way. She even got her own seat!

Do you play Fate Grand Order? As it happened, on the day of Nero's arrival, the current event in FGO was Nero Matsuri and Nero's new owner, OG, decided to try a few gachas. As luck would have it, Nero came home to OG in more than one way.

Tanya cautiously stalks her prey.
Having been a primarily figure collector for the better of the past three years, my recent endeavor into the world of Nesoberi plush toys have certainly been an interesting one. Admittedly, I never understood the charm of these oversized plush toys back then. But now, I certainly can see why the community as a whole has such great love for these cute monsters. 

Throughout this journey, I have teased that a new member would be joining the family soon. As of now, she is still in transit from Japan over to my place. But, as soon as she arrives, you will certainly know about it. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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