Ichiban Kuji Magia Record

Hello everyone and welcome to another news piece on Tiro Finale. It has been quite a while since we last did a news article on Madoka Magica and, today, we bring you news about the ongoing Ichiban Kuji Magia Record lottery. The recently released mobile game, Magia Record, finally gets its first Ichiban Kuji lottery which began on the 9th of September until stocks deplete. Each ticket would be sold for 680 Yen (before tax) and there are 8 possible prize categories (A to G + Last Prize). Let us take a look at the prizes up or grabs.

A Prize - Kyun Chara Tamaki Iroha

B Prize - Kyun Chara Nanami Yachiyo

C Prize - Kyun Chara Mitsuki Felicia

D Prize - Kyun Chara Yui Tsuruno

E Prize - Kyun Chara Futaba Sana

F Prize - Acrylic Stands

G Prize - Rubber Straps

Last Prize & Double Chance Campaign - Magia Record Art Poster
Being the first Ichiban Kuji lottery for the Magia Record mobile game, it is understandable that Banpresto has decided to start slow with a simple lottery and test the waters. Based off the popularity of the game, they may then decide to release a more full-fledged Ichiban Kuji Premium with full fledged scale figures and a larger pool of prizes (e.g. FGO). That being said, starting with Kyun Chara figures is not all bad as some series have started with poorer merchandise. Having the original Magical Girls appear in the rubber straps is also certainly a nice touch which would entice fans of the original series that get involved with the Kuji. Personally, I know I want that G Prize Mami and Sana rubber strap. 

Magia Record Key Chains
On a side note, Banpresto are also releasing a line of Magia Record key chains as arcade prizes. While this only signals the start of things for the Magia Record series, I am cautiously excited to see how this new side-story develops. What about you? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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