Madoka Magica x eye mirror Glasses

Hello everyone and welcome to Tiro Finale! Have you ever wanted to get yourself a pair of glasses inspired by the Madoka Magica series? Well, now you can as eye mirror, a glasses manufacturer based in Tokyo, is having a collaboration with Madoka Magica to produce 5 unique glasses based of each of the core 5 magical girls.

Anime collaborations are nothing new to eye mirror which have done several anime collaborations in the past (Fate Series, Girls und Panzer), with Madoka Magica being their latest collaboration. Together with the 14,000 Yen (before tax) price tag, the glasses also comes with an illustrated cleaning cloth and a Soul Gem themed carrying cases. Initially opening up for sales on the 19th of August, these glasses are only available for pre-order via eye mirror's online shop and is slated to ship in mid-September. 

Madoka Model glasses. The highlights of the design include pink frame, rose bud motif and bow logo.

Madoka's illustrated cleaning cloth.

Homura Model glasses. These frames are entirely in black and use design inspirations from Homura's Rebellion form.

Homura's illustrated cleaning cloth.

Mami Model glasses. Unlike the illustration, the actual frames are featured in a lighter, more practical champagne finish. Mami's signature twin tails are also added as a design motif together with her floral hair piece design.

Mami's illustrated cleaning cloth.

Sayaka Model glasses. Also unlike the illustration, these frames are finished in a darker shade of blue and also feature one of the thicker rim designs among the five.

Sayaka's illustrated cleaning cloth.

Kyoko Model glasses. These frames are finished in a deep red color and feature an apple logo together with Kyoko's spear motif.

Kyoko's illustrated cleaning cloth.

Every one of the frames will come included with this identical Soul Gem themed carrying case. 

As of writing, eye mirror's online shop has closed all online orders of these frames and are expecting to ship them out soon. Regardless of the order window, the orders are largely limited to people living in Japan as there is no international shipment. Fortunately, eye mirror does provide international shipping (this is handled by Tokyo Otaku Mode) for certain models. As such, the best one can hope for is for a second batch of orders to be made while being available to the international market.

Customers who order two pairs of Madoka Magica glasses will receive an additional illustrated cleaning cloth.
Will there be a second release? I think that will all come down to the popularity of the original batch. In the meantime, all we can do is wait and watch. Though, it sure is a pity that such lovely designs are limited for sales in Japan only.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments sections below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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