Daiso Mini Shelf

Recently, at the recommendation of a good friend of mine, I paid a visit to Daiso to get a display shelf for my growing collection of figures. Now, before the picture above gives you a false idea of size, remember that Daiso is a 200 Yen store. As such, the display shelf would only be big enough to display petite figures.

That's good enough though as I've been trying to figure out a good place to display my petite figures. Standing at the base of other taller figures doesn't exactly strike a nice arrangement and this is where these mini display shelves sure come in handy.

When placed vertically, the height of each individual compartment is all just tall enough for Atago. So, that would make it roughly 70 mm tall. I've placed other petite figures along to give some idea of scale and height. Gashapon figures like the adorable Super Sonico, have more than enough clearance. Nendoroid Petites, on the other hand, fit perfectly taking up approximately two-thirds of the height clearance.

Being made out of entirely clear plastic means you can see through it from any angle and direction. Great for displaying figures and allowing light to pass through easily for clear illumination. 

Aside from displaying it in vertical orientation, you can also place it horizontally for other types of wider collectibles. Perhaps die cast cars or little planes? Alternatively, the whole display shelf can be placed like a tray if you so desire.

For 200 Yen, this is a pretty nifty thing to have don't you think? Not only is it cheap, it also neatly and nicely helps display your petite figures. I may consider getting more at this rate although, it would be even nice if it could fit Kyun Chara figures.

That's all for now, I hope this little share will help improve the organization of your own collection. Until then, have a great day and coming weekend everyone!


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