Super Sonico Changing Clothes Time Version Box

A new box means a new review and this time we have another Sonico figure manufactured by FuRyu. Also from the Lifestyle Total Coverage series, this too is a prize figure and the first one I ever bought in fact. 

This also happens to be one of my Sonico figures which have the most clothes on, save a pair of pants or skirt on. A quick look at the box and we can see a clear window up front which displays Sonico in all her prime. The sides of the box has her concept art, here seen wearing a shirt, tie and rabbit motif sweater.

The opposing side is the same as well with the exact same design, just mirrored. Sonico's concept art looks quite cute though, her pose with her arms pushing her chest in does look more than a little suggestive.

The box is the usual FuRyu design, a display of the figure itself and the obligatory warnings and signs. Overall, a pretty simple box and the large clear window does well to showcase exactly what you'll be getting, that's especially good for a prize figure.

Well, that concludes the initial look at the box and the review will be coming next. When? It should be up in two days time as I'll be taking a break on Sunday. Until then, look forward to it and have a great weekend everyone!


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