Late June Haul

Last day of the month of June and here we the third and final part to my June figure haul! The early part of the month may have featured heavily on Sonico but, come the end of the month, it is Mami time. This time with two Mami figures I've been hunting for a considerable period of time now and now, I've finally able to add them to my collection. One step closer to a perfect Mami collection!

As you can see, there's three new figures to the collection with one of them being an errant Madoka. Wonder how she got there huh? Well, I'll go through them one by one starting with the adorable Kyun Chara Mami.
It's Mami and Charlotte! In the super adorable Kyun Chara form too! As the packaging pretty much gives it away, this Kyun Chara Mami is a C Prize one of the earlier Madoka Ichiban Kuji draws back in 2012. If you're wondering why this particular Mami looks smaller than the usual Kyun Chara figures, it is because this is a Chibi Kyun Chara. Smaller and even cuter, especially the miniature Charlotte! 

Aside from Charlotte and Mami, there's also a backdrop and base which comes included making it a diorama of sorts. The back of the packaging has simple instructions on constructing said diorama which is really neat. Nearly 3 years old now, I'm glad that I was still able to get hold of this adorable Mami figure and all for the really cheap price of 600 Yen.

Moving on, we have the DX4 figure of Kaname Madoka in school uniform. You might have remembered me covering the DX figure for both Mami and Kyoko earlier in my blog but, those were the magical girl variants. Banpresto subsequently released a version with the girls in their respective Mitakihara school uniform.

These are easily one of the earlier Madoka Magica figurines to have been released, back in 2012. Getting your hands on one these days is becoming increasingly difficult especially the school uniform version with many online retailers marking up their prices significantly. So, when I finally spotted Madoka and Mami bundled together and at a good price, I bought it in a heartbeat. Hence, the reason I have my first Madoka figurine.

While I'm not a big fan of Madoka, I must say the packaging done by Banpresto is really nice. There are pictures on the side with Madoka being together with the other girls. The same goes for Mami too as you'll see down below.

Intended to be obtained together as an arcade prize, Mami and Madoka were the first batch of DX figures for the school uniform variant. These days some retailers split them up and sell each for a bigger profit while, there are still others who retain the original configuration and sell them together. Buying them together is a cheaper deal per figure, from what I've seen so far.
Saving the best for last, we have DX4 figure Mami in school uniform! Something I've wanted to add to my collection for a very long time now. I think I'm beginning to sound like a broken record by repeating that so often. Still, I'm pretty stoked about adding this to the collection and would love to do a review on it as soon as time permits.
As you can see, the packaging is identical to Madoka's aside from the change in color and a few naming bits here and there.

The side pictures even have her pictured with Homura and Sayaka. Although, I'd doubt Homura and Mami would actually take a picture together.

The back is identical to Madoka's box with information about Homura and Sayaka being released next in DX5 and Kyoko to be released in her casual outfit version. All of which are rather rare these day especially when you consider how long ago they were released.
On the other side of the packaging, there's a lovely picture with the whole group (short of Kyoko) together. To think they're all supposed to be standing, it is nice to see that it works even with them lying down.
How much does this little haul amount to? Surprisingly not much considering the rarity of these girls. I mentioned earlier chibi Mami cost 600 Yen and the two DX figures only cost me 1,800 Yen. Making it a total of 2,400 Yen. One of my cheapest and satisfying haul to say the least!

Alright, that's all for now. Will there be a haul coverage for July? I hope so but, for now, I'm still saving up for something big. Here's a hint, it is Mami-related. Until then, have a great day and an even greater week ahead everyone!


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